Team R29 Celebrates Spring’s Sweetest Trends At Home

From friendships to work, lockdown has gifted many of us the time and space to reassess all aspects of our lives – and our wardrobes are no exception. Giving us pause for thought and the chance to examine our relationship with fashion through spring cleans and Sunday sort-throughs, we’ve fallen back in love with the clothes we already own. Over the past few months, our approach to dressing has evolved from comfort-first loungewear to wanting to reclaim a level of normality and sense of self via getting dressed up again. Fortunately for us, spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner. 
Even though we won’t be celebrating the most enjoyable of the seasons with our loved ones any time soon, we’re getting playful with picnic prints, pastel hues, and jewelry that's good enough to eat. Is there such a thing as getting too dressed up for the weekly grocery trip? Not on our watch. Refinery29's junior fashion editor Georgia and junior art editor Meg spent a sunny weekend shooting springtime get-ups through FaceTime and Zoom (G&Ts in hand, of course). This season is all about finding joy where you can and if you ask us, the clothes you choose to wear are a great place to start.

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