31 Looks To Get You Excited About Clothes Again

Photo: via @Spicy.mayo.
Sure, TikTok has its endearing attributes, but at the end of the day, Instagram is the true hero of scrolling in quarantine. Hear me out: For those of you who, like me, have spent the last seven or so weeks cooped up at home with seldom a person to talk to, let alone get dressed for, it’s easy to slip into a routine of waking up, exercising (maybe), “going to work,” and heading back to bed again — all in the same ratty T-shirt and leggings. Who’s to stop you? The pharmacist you’ve seen a total number of two times since quarantine started? She likely has more on her mind than your sartorial choices (or lack thereof).
But, on Instagram, where you can keep track of your friends, family members, and, of course, your favorite celebrities, we are also reminded that getting dressed isn’t a bad thing. It’s actually pretty fun. Sure, in the physical realm, no one’s going to see if you slip on the sequin skirt you never got the chance to wear before quarantine or pair frilly socks with loafers to go absolutely nowhere. But your followers will. And these days, is that so different?
So, to kickstart the month of May on a stylish note, we’re challenging you to spend the next 31 days remembering the joy of getting dressed, even if your Instagram followers are the only ones to see it. And to help get you started, we rounded up 31 at-home looks, each one more inspiring than the next, in the slideshow ahead.

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