No More Endless Netflix Scrolling — These 38 Secret Codes Tell You Exactly What To Watch Right Now

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
With Netflix releasing a new set of television shows and movies every week, it can get a little overwhelming scrolling endlessly for something to watch. Want to spend more time binging and less time searching? Well, there are a bunch of secret codes that help figure out what you want to watch on Netflix. They are a game changer. Now, you can instantly narrow down your options to perfectly fit your current mood. 
It works like so: Just type in "" and add on the special code from the list below after the final slash. Entering the code updates your home screen so that every suggestion that appears is linked to the specific code. It's like having a brand new Netflix homepage that caters to your exact mood in that moment. If you want to go back to the normal home screen, just click the main Netflix button and your suggestions will reset.  
One small caveat: These numbered codes only work on the web, where you can manipulate the URL, not on the TV or mobile app. But this is about figuring out what you want to watch, so you can always return to your app after you find something you like.
So scroll through, find the secret code, plug it in, and explore your new and improved Netflix home screen. Enjoy! 

Docuseries Like Tiger King

Use The Docuseries Code 10105  
What You'll Find: The docuseries that will pop up range from more heartfelt content like Last Chance U and Cheer to programs that tackle heavier subjects like Surviving R. Kelly and The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Docuseries is such a vast genre that you’re bound to find something you like.
Other Codes To Check Out: True Crime in the Internet Era 81236523 

Rom-Coms That Remind You Of To All The Boys 

Use The Teen Rom-Com Code 3186
What You'll Find: After watching To All The Boys (and the sequel) over and over again, type in this code to find other equally entertaining films about awkward relationships between young adults like Alex, Strangelove, Tall Girl, and Let It Snow. This list is more limited since it is so specific and mainly filled with Netflix originals, but it narrows down all the cheesy-but-irresistible movies on the streaming platform. 
Other Codes To Check Out: Romantic Comedies 5475

TV & Movies With Incredible Female Leads

Use The Women Who Rule The Screen Code 1964216  
What You'll Find: This is probably the category with the most options because there are countless movies and television shows of all genres that are linked to this code. Watch a series you have always wanted to binge like Pose, revisit a classic like Gilmore Girls, or become inspired watching former first Lady Michelle Obama’s documentary Becoming

Dramatic Teen & High School Series Like Elite

Use The High School TV Teen Dramas Code 53443  
What You'll Find: If you’re like me, you can’t get enough of teen-centered TV shows. Thankfully, Netflix has an impressive line-up of originals, current, and past high school dramas like Outer Banks, All American, and Glee
Other Codes To Check Out: Young Adult Movies & Shows 1684370

Dating Shows Like Love Is Blind

Use The Love and Dating Reality TV Code 81233168 
What You'll Find: Since there won’t be new seasons of Bachelor in Paradise or Love Island airing in the near future, find another reality dating show to satisfy your need to see singles search for love on television. Discover Netflix originals like Too Hot to Handle and Dating Around or become a fan of a long-running series like Married At First Sight

Childhood Classics like The Little Mermaid or The Incredibles 

Use The Family Movie Night Code 2013975
What You'll Find: There is nothing better than watching a feel-good movie from years ago. Pop some popcorn and revisit some childhood favorites like Tarzan, Sleepover, and Stuart Little

Korean Movies Like Parasite and The Witch

Use The Korean Movies Code 5685
What You'll Find: If you are a little late to the party, just discovered the Oscar-winning film Parasite, and are looking for more Korean cinema, Netflix has you covered. Find other thrilling dramas under this code like Train to Busan and High Society. 

TV Shows Everyone Talks About On Twitter

Use The Award-Winning TV Shows Code 89814  
What You'll Find: There are shows that critics constantly praise but you aren’t sure if they are worth your time. Take the opportunity now to find out! Some of the most talked-about series that fall under this category are Ozark, The Good Place, Outlander, and Anne with an E. 

TV Shows Like Schitt’s Creek

Use The Irreverent TV Comedies Code 75480
What You'll Find: Miss seeing David (Dan Levy) and Alexis (Annie Murphy) bicker each week now that Schitt’s Creek aired its series finale? Well, don’t worry because Netflix has a plethora of underrated comedies like Grace and Frankie, Sex Education, and Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce
Photo: Courtesy of Pop TV.

Cooking & Food Shows

Use The Food & Travel TV Code 72436  
What You'll Find: These food-focused series will inspire you to get adventurous in the kitchen and try cooking or baking different cuisines. Recreate the cakes from Nailed It! or just sit back and watch the chef do all the work on Nadiya’s Time to Eat. 

Mysteries & Miniseries

Use The Detective TV Shows Code 25919
What You'll Find: There is nothing better than a mystery that keeps the audience guessing at every turn. Check out the plot twist-filled, fan-favorite series like Bodyguard, Lucifer, and Sherlock

TV Shows To Watch With Your Girlfriends

Use The Gal Pal TV Shows Code 1143288  
What You'll Find: Set up a Zoom hangout and search this category for series with on screen friend groups you wish you could join. Good Girls, Glow, and Dead to Me are just a few shows linked to this code that feature unbreakable female friendships. 
Other Codes To Check Out: TV Shows About Friendship 1498531 

Historical Dramas Like Hollywood

Use The Historical TV Shows Code 2192323
What You'll Find: For when you’re feeling nostalgic, take a time machine into the past with these series. Movie lovers can watch Hollywood, Netflix’s latest release, and travel back to the 1940s or watch period piece Reign about Mary, Queen of Scots.

Really, Really Romantic Movies & TV

Use The Romantic TV Shows Code 26156 and Romantic Movies 8883 
What You'll Find: Attention hopeless romantics--this category is the one you have been waiting for. This section features criminally undervalued series like Lovesick and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend as well as beloved classics like Grey’s Anatomy. 

Movies & Shows With A Reality TV Bent

Use The Human Connections Code 81271205 
What You'll Find: Netflix has plenty of documentaries and series about real-life people to keep you entertained for days. Fans of competition-based based reality shows should check out this code to find series like The Great British Baking Show or Next In Fashion while music lovers can be transported to a concert with Homecoming: A film by Beyoncé.

Latinx TV Shows

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Use The Latino Stories Code 81282919
What You'll Find: These aren’t movies or television shows who just happen to have side characters or best friends who are Latinx. The options under this code have compelling Latinx leads like Jane on Jane The Virgin, the family from One Day at a Time, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in Knock Down The House
Other Codes To Check Out: Telenovelas 1030428 

Sports Docs Like The Last Dance

Use The Sports Documentaries Code 180
What You'll Find: Whether you are a sports fanatic or recently joined the sports world after watching The Last Dance, there is something under this category that will interest you. Some great options are anthology series QB1: Beyond the Lights or documentary I Am Bolt about the record-breaking track star. 

Really Good British Television

Use The British TV Shows Code 52117 
What You'll Find: Use this code if you can’t stop speaking in a British accent after watching Love Island UK. This category includes acclaimed British drama Skins and witty comedies like Crazyhead

TV Shows You Can Binge Quickly

Use The Watch in One Weekend 3182735 and Watch in One Night 3178549  
What You'll Find: This is a great category for one-season series or shows cancelled way too soon. Here lies some of Netflix’s best originals like American Vandal and Russian Doll
Other Codes To Check Out: Binge-worthy TV Shows Code 1191605

Mother-Daughter TV Comedies Like Gilmore Girls

Use The Mother-Daughter Relationship TV Comedies Code 38062
What You'll Find: Fresh off of Mother’s Day, watch these sincere series that will remind you of the best (and dramatic) moments you’ve shared with your mom. For a younger mother-daughter show check out Never Have I Ever and for something a little older see Tina Fey’s two-season comedy Great News

Competition-Based Reality TV Shows

Use The Competition Reality TV Code 49266
  What You'll Find: This category highlights shows that have contestants compete for money and other prizes like love. Become obsessed with the genius social experiment The Circle or, if you’re a fan of The Voice, see what Netflix original Rhythm + Flow is all about. 

TV & Movies That Focus On LGBTQ+ Main Characters

Use The LGBTQ TV Shows Code 65263 & LGBTQ+ Movies 5977
What You'll Find: Like the Latinx category, this section lists shows in multiple genres that have a LGBTQ+ character in a prominent role. Some must-watch series you can find under this code are The Politician, The Assassination of Gianni Versace, and Orange Is The New Black

Movies Directed By Women

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Use The Movies Directed By Women Code 2974953  
What You'll Find: Go through this category and find your favorite comedies, dramas, documentaries and more directed by a woman. Some standout films that fall under this category are The Half Of It, Lost Girls, Julie and Julia, and Blackfish.

Uplifting Movies & TV Shows

Use The Inspiring Movies Code 10619 & Inspiring TV Shows 2786712
What You'll Find: This section is overflowing with movies and series featuring characters that you’ll want to become best friends with and protect at any cost. Be prepared to cry viewing Freedom Writers and The Pursuit of Happyness or have a constant smile on your face watching The Theory of Everything.  
Other Codes To Check Out: Emotional TV Shows 25833

Series About Friends Who Are Practically Family 

Use The Chosen Family Code 81231348  
What You'll Find: Here you will see a bunch of series mostly with ensemble casts that focus on connections between friends. These shows feature the ultimate ride-or-die friend groups like New Girl and Trinkets.

Highly Distracting Reality TV

Use The Escapist Reality TV Code 2952809
What You'll Find: If you watch reality television and imagine yourself as one of the contestants, then this is the perfect category for you. Watch Queer Eye and imagine getting a makeover by Jonathan Van Ness or reorganize your life with tips from Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

Movies Based On Real Life

Use The Movies Based On Real Life Code 920  
What You'll Find: Watch dramatic retellings of real-life sticky situations in movies like The Social Network, Molly’s Game, and Cadillac Records. There is also a specific section for political movies included here like The Iron Lady and The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind

Movies & TV You Can Watch While Looking At Your Phone

Use The Familiar Favorites Code 3052090 and Casual Viewing 2691054
What You'll Find: This category compiles movies from any genre with one thing in common: They are so popular that you can probably recite each character’s lines without thinking, and if you happen to cut stuck watching cake decorating videos on Instagram while they're on, you'll be able to pick back up with no trouble at all. Watch blockbuster hits and classics like Jerry Maguire, Avengers Infinity War, Tootsie, and Hitch or classic TV shows like The Office, Cheers, Parks and Recreation, and Community.

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