Bachelor In Paradise Spoilers Are Literally Everywhere & It Might Be Better That Way

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If you’re one of those people who screams, “no spoilers!” after something has already aired — or, heck, even gone off the air — season 6 of Bachelor In Paradise is probably your nightmare.
Thanks to social media, we’re living in an age of spoilers, but some reality shows are working overtime. Take, for example, Bachelor In Paradise; the spoilers some viewers dread are literally playing out in real time and in plain view, from Twitter to the ABC-sanctioned season 6 promo. Sure, knowing the ending of Bachelor In Paradise can technically ruin all the fun, but don’t stress about it. I'd argue there's actually something kind of great about knowing what we're getting ourselves into in Paradise. And you know I'm right because even ABC is joining in on the fun.
For years, some fans (like myself) have religiously headed to Bachelor spoiler extraordinaire Reality Steve to get their fix of who is smooching who this season before it all goes down on ABC. Well, Chris Harrison, is this season really the most dramatic ever? We’ll be the judge of that. But during Bachelor in Paradise season 6, Reality Steve isn't the only one hawking spoilers — it’s become a free-for-all.
And first on the list of spoiler happy people is BIP's own network: ABC's first-look trailer for Bachelor In Paradise season 6 is absolutely dripping with in-your-face spoilers.
One look at this thing and we already knew, well before it all went down on TV, that Blake Horstmann hooked up with most of the first-round women on Bachelor In Paradise; that there’d be a far-too-violent fight; a blow-out between Derek Peth and John Paul Jones over Tayshia Adams was on the way; and we knew that Demi Burnett is in love with a woman (and not Derek, who she spends the first few episodes macking on). If you look closely, you can also spy clues about Katie Morton and Chris Bukowski's ending as well as Dylan Barbour and Hannah Godwin. While trailers always show a little of what's to come, Bachelor Nation is usually a little better at misdirection and teasing than this video is, which suggests that spoiler culture is slowly weaving its way into the spotlight.
Case and point: This season's biggest spoiler, Demi and Kristian Haggerty. It was obvious from that first video clip that Paradise producers would bring in a woman from the outside. The "This Season On" promo played after the premiere, during which Demi said she'd been seeing Kristian, so when we see Demi making out with another woman in the clip, our natural reaction is to spend all season knowing that this woman is coming in. That spoiler would be enough to go on, and yet the promo shows us even more: Demi tells Kristian, “I don’t want to lose you,” before we cut to Demi walking onto BIP's oh-so recognizable engagement altar. That's all revealed in the post-premiere promo.
But then, we add social media into the mix and things get even more spoiler heavy. Kristian posted a loved-up photo of her and Demi on Instagram (complete with a ❤️, above) way before Bachelor In Paradise even filmed its season, and after she appeared on her first episode this season, Demi responded with a coupley photo of her own (below). You don’t even need Reality Steve for any of this. You just need your eyes and ears and wifi.
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And then there's Dylan and Hannah. Their will-they-or-won’t-they drama kind of lost its mystique when Dylan began tweeting in a very crackable code to Hannah as he live-tweeted the Paradise premiere. He tagged her in a GIF of Rashida Jones saying "all in" (on night one, people!):
Of course, that tweet went from cheeky to a major Hannah and Dylan spoiler because when Hannah finally chose Dylan over Blake on our TV screens, she used that exact phrase and told him she was “all in.” That’s not a coincidence.
Oh, and let's not forget Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes, who, before they even kissed on on Bachelor In Paradise were caught posting pictures on Instagram in the same places in Europe at the same time. The fact that Caelynn quickly deleted hers doesn't lessen the intrigue. And on Sept. 3, Dean went for it and dropped the spoiler of all spoilers before his much-teased return to the Paradise beach by tagging Caelynn in a joke about his missing baggage. And look, I’m not a forensic scientist or anything, but I'm pretty sure galavanting around Europe together and then publicly posting inside jokes after smooching all over TV means they’re together. He is literally wearing her name on his heart. I mean:
But wait. There's still more. Tayshia tried to play it coy when she was on the official Bachelor podcast, but then she let it dropped that she was actually single, weeks before she told John Paul Jones she wanted to cool it and then let Derek down gently on TV. This "spoiler" is probably the least solid of them all, but even so, you don't say the s-word until your Paradise arc ends! That's reality TV 101.
Bachelor In Paradise fans who don’t like spoilers are essentially out of luck in this new Wild West style of reality TV. And you know what? It’s totally fine, firstly because it’s bonkers that we've spent so long expecting a cast of people who've used Bachelor fame to become social media influencers to be able to keep quiet about biggest drama in their lives for months at a time.
And secondly, because it actually makes each season into a game: Every time a contestant drops a spoiler, it just increases the intrigue. It's like an interactive scavenger hunt that keeps the Bachelor In Paradise train going because it keeps people talking about it in feverish whispers and conspiracy tweets.
Third, spoilers don't really spoil anything, because knowing the end point doesn't necessarily tell us how things get where they're going. Once we knew Demi and Kristian got together, all we could do was look for clues about how and when it would all go down. It’s also much easier to watch sweet, sweet Dylan suffer through Hannah and Blake's insufferable beach makeouts for days, knowing that eventually all will be well. It’s easier to root for Dean knowing that he probably didn't stick to his "I came to Paradise to hang out with my friends" mantra and that he might have shaken himself out of his self-sabotaging ways for once.
Knowing what's coming lets us focus in on the elements that move these plots to their final resting places. And, as Chris Harrison would remind us, Bachelor series are really all about the journey.

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