Bachelor In Paradise Season 6 Finale Details Are Hiding In Plain Sight

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Things are heating up on Bachelor in Paradise as couples start to truly form lasting connections. Will those pairings last up until the Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 finale airs? Time will tell, but so do promos. Several Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 ending clues have been dropped in previews, especially about which people make it to the end, and how serious things may get for them. But viewers still have a while to go before the finale gets here. Thankfully, summer isn't quite over yet.

When Is The 2019 Bachelor In Paradise Finale?

Previous seasons of BiP have ended the first or second week of September, with the past two seasons ending on the second Monday or Tuesday of September. If that pattern holds true, then it's likely that season 6 will end either on Monday, Sept. 9 or Tuesday, September 10. That would make the show a full six weeks, like in previous seasons. Dancing With The Stars also airs in the BiP time slot the following Monday, Sept. 16, so the show will have to be over by then. Knowing this franchise, they're going to milk this finale for all it's worth so I'd wager on the finale wrapping up on Sept. 10.

Who Gets Engaged On Bachelor In Paradise?

Warning: The following clues and predictions could end up being spoilers. You've been warned.
As for what fans can expect from the finale, it seems from the promos that three major couples will rise up and stick things out through proposal day. The two main trailers that give the most hints are this one from the Bachelor Nation YouTube:
For convenience, this article will refer to them from now on as the YouTube promo and the Twitter promo. According to those two promos, the most likely couples to last through the finale are Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour, Demi and her girlfriend, and Katie Morton and Chris Bukowski. Here's why.
1. Hannah & Dylan Probably Go To Fantasy Suites Together
In the Twitter teaser, Hannah can be heard telling someone, "We've progressed so much and I would love to spend this extra time with you in the Fantasy Suite." The promo doesn't reveal the identity of the guy she goes to the Fantasy Suite with, but the YouTube trailer suggests that it's Dylan. In that video clip he tells her, "Hannah, I'm falling in love with you and it is amazing." In another scene, he tells someone, "I'm so in love with you." Dylan has made it clear he's only in Paradise for Hannah, so it's extremely unlikely that he would get to the "I love you" stage with anyone besides her.
2. Demi & Her Girlfriend Probably Get Engaged
Demi's girlfriend from before the show is due to show up in Paradise soon, and all the promos make it look like things go very well for them. In the YouTube promo, Demi tells her, "There's absolutely nothing that I don't love about you," and the duo is also seen in the Fantasy Suites making out. Then, in this other promo, Demi is heard saying, "I smell an engagement and it feels amazing," and she's also seen walking up to the proposal platform.
3. Katie Goes To The Fantasy Suites
"The Fantasy Suite awaits," Katie reads off a date card in the Twitter promo. It looks like whoever she falls for, she falls for hard, because she also says in the YouTube promo, "I know I'm falling in love with you too, and I did not expect to feel the way I do."
4. Chris Likely Proposes To Someone
Perhaps coming out of reality TV retirement really was the right call for Chris, because it looks like he gets engaged in the finale. His voiceover says at one point in the YouTube promo, "This is the moment I've been waiting for my whole life." What other moment besides an engagement could it be? This is what he's tried to find on, like, seven shows already. Process of elimination suggests that the person he proposes to is Katie. However, they're never directly shown together, so anything is possible.
5. There Are At Least Three Proposals
Rings are placed on at least three different hands in the YouTube promo, so perhaps all the above couples decide to get engaged during the finale.
Whatever happens, though, it'll be worth watching the finale to get all the updates on who is still together at the end of the show versus who is still together IRL. You never know what kind of drama can unfold on the finale's reunion special.

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