Essential Details From The New Bachelor In Paradise "This Season On" Promo

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Bachelor in Paradise airs twice a week, and new contestants are added all the time, so the drama and surprise factor never really dies down. Case in point, the new "this season on" Bachelor in Paradise trailer from the premiere has details fans haven't seen before — including more information about the fight on the beach, Caelynn confronting Blake, hints about potential couples, surprise arrivals, meltdowns, tear fests, and more. It's going to be a jam-packed season.
Since the latest teaser started with a bunch of footage fans have already seen (Krystal Neilson and Chris Randone from BIP season 5's wedding, Mike Johnson showing up, and Demi's pre-show girlfriend), but in between the old scenes were new clues and tiny spoilers about Bachelor In Paradise season 6. Here are the details you need to know about:
Hannah Brown Shows Up
Presumably, the former Bachelorette is not there to date anybody. In the timeline that BiP was filmed in, she was still with her "winner" Jed Wyatt. But she could be there to hand out a special date card like previous Bachelor Nation guests have done.
Hannah Godwin Is In A Love Square
Fans knew that Blake Horstmann was interested in multiple women on the show, but Hannah G. is seemingly testing out the waters as well. Footage of her with Dylan, Blake, and Wills makes it seem like she could be in a love square this season.
Caelynn Miller-Keyes Confronts Blake
In the clip, Caelynn is sobbing as she tells Blake, "I feel like a slimy, disgusting secret." That's sure to be an intense episode, especially depending on how Blake reacts.
Derek Peth & John Paul Jones Are Revealed As The Dudes Who Fight
Previous trailers teased a fight between two male contestants that had the rest of the house seriously worried. "They're like actually fighting," Caelynn could be heard saying. The new trailer reveals that JPJ and Derek are the offending members, with one of them shouting, "Watch your back, bitch." It seems from the trailer that they may have both had feelings for someone, possibly Tayshia, which could have resulted in the argument. (This last bit could be classic BIP misdirection, though).
Mike Johnson & Caelynn Kiss
A lot of people wanted Mike to be The Bachelor, but maybe he find at least a little something in Paradise, according to this teaser. He's seen making out with Caelynn in one scene, but those who follow Bachelor Nation gossip may have less reason to worry about that smooch.
Things Get Serious For Dylan & Katie, Likely Separately
Both contestants talked about being in love in the trailer (not with each other), which means things must go well for them and whoever they end up coupling up with. The scenes seem pretty serious, so it's possible they're part of the string of engagements that end the trailer, or at the very least, part of the Fantasy Suite episode. That's usually when the "L" word starts to rear its head.
Demi's Love Triangle Gets Very Complicated
Demi expressed interest in both Derek and her mystery girlfriend from the start of the season 6 premiere (the girlfriend appears to later come on the show), so expect a portion of the season to be Demi deciding who she wants to be with, and struggling with that choice. Derek also seems to struggle hard with Demi's choices.
We will update the post with the full video when it becomes available via ABC.

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