Demi Explained Why She Joined Bachelor In Paradise After Meeting Her Girlfriend

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Previews for Bachelor in Paradise revealed that Demi has feelings for a mystery woman on the show. After the trailer dropped, Demi also declared herself a "queer queen" on Twitter. But she really opened up on the sixth season premiere of Bachelor in Paradise about her sexuality. Demi explained that she had a girlfriend after The Bachelor and before Bachelor in Paradise, but they they weren't exclusive. So, when the opportunity to go on Paradise arose, Demi decided to take it to help her sort through the feelings she'd been having.
Demi sat down with Hannah B. on the premiere to explain the pre-Paradise situation, saying, "I have kinda been seeing someone ... plot twist, it happens to be a woman." She added, "It’s not something that I need to label, so I feel like I don’t have to like proclaim that 'I am gay,' 'I am straight,' 'I am bisexual.' ... I just like who I like, it doesn't matter who or what you are. It's the person."
It seems like the woman Demi was seeing may show up to woo her in Paradise later on, based on previews. That makes sense considering how much they liked each other, according to Demi. "We really fell like head over heels for each other," Demi told Hannah. "She has, like, the warmest energy. Like, she never gets mad, like, she’s amazing. You would love her."
Although this person's identity hasn't been confirmed, it's been speculated that it's Kristian Haggerty, who is friends with Catherine Agro, one of Demi's fellow contestants from Colton's season. The speculation stems from a photo Haggerty posted that shows her and Demi hanging out. Haggerty is in a robe and carrying a cheese tray while Demi mugs for the camera. "The one thing missing to complete a perfect weekend❤️," Haggerty captioned the picture.
But even though it's clear that she and Demi clicked, Demi initially decided to go on the show to explore what she wants out of a relationship — and who she wants one with. "Experiencing all the different emotions that I have and getting to know myself better and getting to know what I want more, it's been really confusing," Demi admitted. "It's this constant, like, indecisiveness in me, and I just feel like the only way for me to, you know, truly know like what I want and how I want to love and who I want to love is if I try out Paradise. Maybe Paradise is what it's gonna take for me to figure it out."
Once in Paradise, as the trailers also show, Demi hit things off with Derek Peth, even making out with him in the hot tub. But she was clear that she was still trying to figure things out and not locking herself into anything just yet. "He's a sweet, sweet man," Demi said of Derek. "I don’t really know what I want, so that's why I'm here, too, to kind of figure that out ... I'm having fun exploring."
Demi told Hannah that she's not identifying herself as bisexual or gay or straight right now. But she did say on the show that she considers herself "fluid," saying, "My situation is really unique. I’m fluid, I like both genders, and ultimately I am trying to be open and like figure out what I want."
Between Derek and the mystery woman, hopefully Paradise will provide Demi the clarity she's seeking. Based on what she said in the preview, she's really smitten with this woman. "I know that I love this girl," she says in the trailer. "I'm just so happy that I found her." Demi has always been a joy to watch on screen, and seeing this love story unfold will likely be no different. She's really embracing all the aspects of herself, and she's allowing herself the space to figure out what and who she wants. We could all take a page out of her book.

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