The Bachelor In Paradise 2019 Trailer Is Here: It's Got Demi's Love Triangle, New Cast & So Much More

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Hannah's Bachelorette journey ends on July 30, but the Bachelor Nation fun is only just beginning. On August 5th, Bachelor in Paradise season six begins, and it already looks like it's going to make for great TV. The full-length Bachelor In Paradise 2019 trailer was shown at the end of Hannah's Men Tell All episode, and it was packed with new information, new cast members, new drama, new fights, and new romances. Buckle up, y'all. It's going to be a bumpy season.
From the initial cast list and brief teaser trailers shown thus far before the full trailer, fans already knew some things about the new season. For example, fans knew that John Paul Jones was gonna be there and have some sort of conflict with Derek Peth. Cam would Always Be Cam-ing on the beaches with the cast. Chris Bukowski was coming out of reality TV retirement to appear. Blake seemed to be the new Dean with a messy love triangle. And Dean... has a mustache.
But the nearly three-minute long trailer shown during the July 22 Bachelorette episode revealed so much more. Below is everything you need to know about the new season, but first take a look at the trailer for yourself:
There Are New Cast Members Joining Paradise
In addition to those listed in the initial cast list, model Jordan from Becca's season is back for round two of finding love on the beaches, as is one (or both?) of twins Haley and Emily from Ben Higgins' season, and Luke S. from Hannah's season. Also joining is Eric from Rachel's season — although, in his brief trailer appearance, he made a comment about Krystal and Chris' wedding, so it's possible that he was just there for that and not to compete on the show. Also notable was an appearance from Hannah's former contestant Mike. People really want him for Bachelor, but don't count him out yet. Both Nick and Colton were on BiP and still went on to be the Bachelor.
Demi Is In A Love Triangle With Derek And A Mystery Woman
Not only is Demi shown making out in a hot tub with Derek, but she also falls for a woman in Paradise. It's not clear who that woman is, but Demi seems to have really strong feelings for her. "I know that I love this girl," she says in the trailer. "I'm just so happy that I found her." Demi even said she could be with her for the rest of her life. Is an engagement looming?
Blake Is The New Dean
Once upon a time, Dean got himself in trouble by entering a Paradise love triangle with Danielle and Kristina. Now, it looks like Blake is having a similar dating-multiple-women problem on BiP. Demi made a comment about how he seems to be interested in Caelynn, Tayshia, and Hannah G., so we've got ourselves....a love square? A love rhombus?
A Fight Breaks Out Among Two Men
It's not clear in the trailer who the two guys are, but their fight seems serious. "They're like actually fighting," Caelynn comments in the trailer, with a concerned look on her face. Camera operators are shown stepping in to break it up, which must mean it got serious.
Krystal And Chris Will Get Married
The trailer showed that the couple, who met last season on BiP, are saying, "I do" in Mexico where it all began.
There Seem To Be Multiple Engagements
The trailer has several shots of rings being put on what appear to be different hands, so it looks like there are at least three engagements this season. One of them could even be Demi's, as someone who sounds like her is heard in the trailer saying, "I smell an engagement, and it feels amazing."
The trailer is only a sneak peek at what the season will bring, so be sure to tune in on August 5 if you want to see all the drama go down for yourself.

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