Good News: Luke P. Going On Bachelor In Paradise Is Nearly Impossible At This Point

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UPDATE: This story was originally published at 6:15 p.m. ET on July 22.
The sixth season of Bachelor in Paradise is coming right up (it premieres so soon, on August 5), and if you’re wondering if a certain Bachelorette villain (ahem, Luke) is headed to Bachelor in Paradise, who can blame you? That beach practically exists to stoke drama.
Not only is Luke P typical Bachelor in Paradise material because he’s incredibly dramatic and the most talked about contestant on this season of The Bachelorette, but then there's the other factor: he won't leave. All season on The Bachelorette, Luke has nearly left the show only to rear his head once again. At this point, it would be irresponsible not to prepare ourselves emotionally for the fact that he's bound to pop up at every turn, including on Bachelor in Paradise. That said, thankfully, it does not seem that Luke P will be heading to Paradise.
In fact, on the Men Tell All special, Hannah turned to the camera and apologized to America for keeping Luke on their televisions for so long. "The Luke P. show has officially been cancelled. It won't be renewed," she joked. Laughs or not, that doesn't seem like the sort of send-off Bachelorette producers would line up for a future BIP beach-goer. Then there's the most concrete evidence: He hasn't been part of any of the cast announcements so far, but there are a couple other signs, too.
First, if you look at the Instagram accounts of some of the confirmed contestants on Bachelor in Paradise — like Tayshia, Hannah G, and John Paul Jones — they were quiet on social media throughout the month of June, which is when BiP filmed, according to The Hollywood Reporter. On the other hand, Luke's biggest gap in posting around that time was from May 28 through June 7. This could mean he had a very short Paradise stay, but it's far from solid proof that he joined the show.
Other than that, Luke just doesn't seem to be on that good of terms with the show. After the Fantasy Suites episode aired, he and Hannah exchanged words on Twitter about their interpretations of Christianity, and if you're still fighting with a beloved Bachelorette after you're off the show, that's not a great sign for your place in the franchise. Luke also retweeted a user who wrote, "cracking up at how you guys perceived @luke_parker777 the way the show wanted you to," and he also recently tweeted, "Has anyone seen the show Unreal on Hulu? #bachelorette."
On top of this, Luke's brother, Mike, did an interview with Fox Nation in which he said he believes Luke was portrayed as a villain by ABC because of his Christian beliefs. A family member telling Fox News that ABC "has a progressive agenda they're trying to push" does not suggest that Luke had a future with this show.
Of course, the filming for BiP would have happened before Luke's tweets and Mike's comments. But, if there was still going to be more Luke to come on ABC, they probably would have been less likely to speak out the way they did, because Luke was going to be edited one way or the another — and express himself one way or another — on reality TV once again. Plus, Luke was getting a villain edit from the start of the Bachelorette season, which premiered a few weeks before BiP even started filming.
In the end, it seems unlikely that Luke will be part of BiP, but it could still happen (ready your emotions, everyone), if everyone is being very secretive and Luke and his brother are throwing caution to the wind when it comes to speaking out about this franchise. For now, don't be surprised when Luke pops up on The Men Tell All. He was definitely there for that one.

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