Are Kristian & Demi Still Together After Bachelor In Paradise?

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Warning: The clues in this story could potentially spoil the end of Bachelor in Paradise season 6.
Demi Burnett and Derek Peth may have shared an instant connection at the start of Bachelor in Paradise season 6, but the arrival of Demi's pre-BIP girlfriend Kristian Haggerty’s in week 3 brought that relationship to a crashing halt.
In a dramatic, moving twist, Demi realized that her feelings (and heart) already belonged to someone other than Derek. Their relationship marks the first LGBTQ romance to ever be featured on the series, and very long overdue. Based on that romantic reunion alone, you could assume that Kristian and Demi are still together after Bachelor in Paradise, but since things don't always just magically work out in Paradise, it's worth doing a little bit more digging.
And lucky for us, Demi, Kristian, and the rest of the cast are making it very, very easy.
Typically, cast members on any given BIP season make a point of not showcasing their current relationship statuses post-show until the season is over so as to not reveal spoilers. However, Demi has become very vocal about her feelings toward Kristian on social media, which suggests that the two of them are still an item to this day, long after filming ended.
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Thanks for coming to Paradise ❤️ #bachelorinparadise

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On August 20, shortly after the reunion on the beach aired, Demi posted a photo of her and Kristian together in Paradise with the caption: “Thanks for coming to Paradise” alongside a heart emoji.
That alone doesn’t prove they’re still together — the comments made underneath the post by BIP alums, however, is a different story. “Ugh I love you both so much. So happy for you guys,” Caelynn wrote, while others like Hannah G. commented “YAY! I love you guys” or simply posted countless heart or fire emojis, which certainly indicates that their love is very real and very much still going strong. Demi has also made a point of retweeting several posts from her BIP castmates and Bachelor Nation alums about her love story with Kristian and how happy they are for the two of them.
When she's not on a re-tweeting spree, Demi has also been casually dropping Kristian into her tweets about how the duo met Blake at Stagecoach (and whether or not that's where their romance initially started — it's not):
Granted, neither Kristian nor Demi have officially actually confirmed that they’re together post-filming, but the sentiments — most of which are made in the present tense — speak for themselves. The promos for the season have even shown Demi and Kristian in one of the Fantasy Suites, and Demi can be seen approaching the usual engagement altar that we've seen in every season of BIP. Sure, we don't know if Demi and Kristian actually get engaged (people have stepped up on that platform just to break up before, after all). But we know one thing: Even if the two of them don’t end up engaged, at the very least, their relationship will absolutely continue to progress and grow throughout the rest of the season, and they seem to be on great terms now.
That said, let's be honest: If the look on Demi’s face upon seeing Kristian in Paradise is any indication, this couple is it for the long haul.

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