Did Dylan Spoil His BIP Ending With Hannah G. On Twitter Weeks Ago?

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Right now on Bachelor in Paradise, there's still some drama between Dylan Barbour and Blake Horstmann over Hannah Godwin. They both like her, and Hannah seems to constantly waffle between who she likes best (although she did give Dylan her most recent rose). If you don't want to wait until the finale to see how it turns out for them, Dylan may have spoiled his BiP ending with Hannah on Twitter of all places.
During the BiP premiere on Aug. 5, Dylan tweeted to Hannah, "Yo @hannahg11 head’s up:" along with a GIF of Rashida Jones saying "all in" and pushing a stack of poker chips into the pot. Now, he could have just been talking about his mindset on the show, and at the time, it seemed possible. It's a strange thing to tweet if he didn't end up with Hannah — especially since he literally at-replied her — but stranger things have happened (see: everything between Blake and Kristina Schulman). But now, we know that when Hannah finally chose Dylan over Blake in episode 5 that she used those exact words: "I'm all in with you."
But Dylan has also showed all his cards in a few other ways, too.
He seemed to defend Hannah on Twitter on Aug. 12 from fans who were upset about how their relationship was going (or not going). It was during that episode that Hannah started to give Blake the time of day and the truth of Blake's visit to Hannah's hometown came out. Contestants on the beach and people on Twitter were on Hannah's case for having hidden her relationship with Blake, and for making out with him in front of Dylan.
Dylan, who is arguably the most injured in that scenario, as it appeared on TV, had her back: "Give her a break y'all. I know what I signed up for," he wrote. Although he didn't specifically say Hannah's name, she's the only person he's pursued in Paradise, so it makes sense that he would be talking about her.
Dylan also spoke about Hannah to Entertainment Tonight during the Men Tell All taping that happened in July. That means the interview was conducted after Bachelor in Paradise filmed in June, which is important, because it makes Dylan's comments about Hannah even more telling. He was absolutely over the moon when speaking about her in his ET interview.
"Hannah G. is unbelievable. I mean, she's obviously just beautiful. And I think it's unfortunate we didn't get to see her personality [on The Bachelor] and I'm excited to just... I'm excited for everyone to see kinda what the energy is like," he said, adding, "Am I allowed to say [how serious it gets]? ... Hopefully things get really serious in Paradise. Listen I think it's going to be an unbelievable experience, and I think everyone's gonna get to see something of me and a part of me that not everybody does get to see." He also said, "I'm very excited to meet Hannah G. Very excited to spend some time with her."
Okay, but he'd already met Hannah by that point. He may have been trying to play off his comments as pre-Paradise thoughts, but those comments were made post-Paradise. Would you be that excited about someone who broke your heart on national television?
Add to all this the Bachelor In Paradise season finale previews that Refinery29 previously dissected. In one scene, Dylan can be seen telling Hannah, "I'm falling in love with you and it is amazing" which would suggest that things get pretty serious between them. She's also shown agreeing to go to the Fantasy Suite with someone who could very well be Dylan.
So, if Hannah puts Dylan through the wringer anymore this season, try not to worry too much. It's pretty clear all's well that ends well, especially if you know how to read between a few choice tweets.

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