What Is Going On Between Kristina & Blake In The Bachelor In Paradise Episode 6 Promo?

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On Aug. 19, the latest Bachelor in Paradise promo questioned, "Is Kristina still in love with Blake?" and it also featured a confrontation between Kristina Schulman and Caitlin Clemmens, who was Blake Horstmann's most recent date. "What I do and my actions are none of your business," Kristina snapped at Caitlin in the promo. Based on Kristina's actions post-show, it seems there may be some feelings there, but they may also be strictly platonic. (At least on her end.)
It isn't a huge stretch to think that they would be able to carry on a friendship after the show ended. Kristina did save Blake with her rose on Monday night. It seemed she did that partially because she wanted him to get another chance to find love and partially to get back at him. To his face, she said, "I know you have not had an ideal time here in Paradise." She added that she thought he was a good person who deserved to find love. Later, she said in a confessional that she also wanted him to stick around to see Dylan Barbour and Hannah Godwin dating. "It's kind of mean, but it's Blake we’re talking about. The temptation's too good," she said.
Between that rose and the date card, Kristina has given Blake a lot of chances at her own expense. She could have used that date or that rose to begin a new connection. So, perhaps her choosing to give them to Blake wasn't purely to get back at him — it may be because she also still had some level of feelings there — even if they were friendship feelings.
After BiP, Kristina has been open about being on better terms with Blake. Sure, he may have dated her, slept with her at Stagecoach, slept with Caelynn Miller-Keyes right after, and then pursued Tayshia Adams, Hannah G., and Caitlin in Paradise — but that was a long time ago, according to Kristina. An Instagram commenter posted on one of Kristina's posts recently saying that she was disappointed that Kristina seemed to be standing up for Blake post-show. Kristina responded, "You do realize the show airing now was filmed a month and a half ago — times doesn't stay still, things have happened since then."
Kristina also seemed to take Blake's side after he posted his private text messages with Caelynn on Instagram. "Speak your truth, no one can take that away from you," Kristina commented on his Instagram post about the situation. For his part, Blake has "liked" several of Kristina's post-show Instagram pics (a couple of which feature Kristina in a bikini), but he's been mostly laying low on the social media site since the whole text message release drama.
Kristina has not been laying low. She also took to Twitter after Monday's rose ceremony to further explain why she gave Blake her rose. "I have a big heart what can I say. EVERYONE DESERVES LOVE," she wrote, adding, "Ultimately, I care about people. Blake and I have been friends for the past year, yes I give him shit and he's very well aware but he came on the show to find love & I believed he deserved to stay."
In Kristina's own words, it seems like she views Blake as a friend. She kept him on the show so he could continue to find love — not necessarily so he could find that love with her. Maybe she changed her mind later on the show and did see him romantically — but, at the very least, she seems to have his back both on the show and off, no matter what went drama went down between them.

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