Dean Unglert Hid A Potential Bachelor in Paradise Spoiler In A Joke About His Mustache

Photo: John Sciulli/Getty Images.
While contestants on The Bachelor and Bachelorette are usually pretty good about not posting spoilers on social media (likely because they're contractually obligated to keep things a secret), the rules for Bachelor in Paradise contestants seem a little more lax. That's probably how Dean Unglert got away with posting a pretty spoilery post about Caelynn Miller-Keyes under the guise of just joking about his baggage and his mustache.
The photo, posted to Dean's Instagram on Sept. 3, features the frequent Bachelor in Paradise contestant at the Los Angeles Airport smiling and wearing a piece of tape on his shirt that says, "Caelynn." He captioned the photo: "Missing baggage: if found please return to @caelynnmillerkeyes. [On my way] back to #bachelorinparadise tonight with a new look ??." The baby emoji, of course, serves to highlight the fact that he's shaved his controversial mustache since his previous appearance on Bachelor in Paradise. And while it's not a spoiler that he shaved or that he's coming back to BiP (the promos have shouted all that from the rooftops), it is kind of spoilery that he seems to be hanging out with Caelynn and literally wearing her name on his heart.
Caelynn posted a photo of her on a plane in her Instagram Stories just a couple of hours before Dean posted this picture, so they both seem to be traveling via plane on Sept. 3. Traveling together, perhaps? Who else would have taken that photo of Dean and why else would he have a tag that says Caelynn's name? It wouldn't be the first time that Instagram hinted that Caelynn and Dean may still be seeing each other post-show. In July, Dean and Caelynn both posted Instagram photos of their travels in Spain. They were alone in the photos, but fans speculated that they were on vacation together. Caelynn later deleted her photo. (Perhaps she respects the spoiler rules more than Dean.)
This recent mustache photo even had one of Dean's fellow Bachelor Nation stars poking fun at his lack of regard for seemingly spoiling the show. "Uuuuhmmm, spoilers!!" commented Dean's friend Alex Bordy, who was also contestant on Rachel Lindsay's Bachelorette season. Dean responded Alex's comment, saying, "Not spoiling anything ya dingus! She’s going to send me packing 1000%." He was likely referring to Caelynn's reaction to his potential advances upon his return to BiP in episode 10. (But Dean, ya dingus, saying she sends you packing is also a spoiler, if that's true.)
But, like, as John Paul Jones would say, don't insult the fans' intelligence, Dean. Sure, we don't know exactly when this picture was taken or the context of it, but it seems pretty likely to have been taken today and taken by Caelynn while the two were flying together. He's mustache-less, which means it was at least taken after his initial exit from Bachelor in Paradise, and her name is literally all over this, so it seems that Caelynn is still in his life post show. Whether she's there as a friend or romantically is a question the show will have to answer during the BiP reunion — unless Dean spoils it first.

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