The Big, Dumb Bachelor In Paradise Fight Finally Happened — Here's How It Ended

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UPDATE: This story was originally published on August 13, 2019.
The Bachelor and Bachelor In Paradise aren’t typically the kinds of shows where things get violent. Yeah, there’s plenty of drama to go around, but rarely does anyone throw a punch. But hey, I guess we were due for something serious, because the fight on Bachelor In Paradise Season 6 was super intense and super sudden. Missed it? Want to understand this display of toxic masculinity? Here’s how and why it went down.
What Was The Fight About?
First, Nicole Lopez-Alvar and new arrival Christian Estrada had a great date (her third in Paradise) where they spoke a lot of Spanish to each other and made out a lot, too. That’s a good date by Bachelor In Paradise standards. Nobody even cried. But maybe Christian doesn’t know the rules of Bachelor In Paradise, because after he and Nicole got back to the compound, he tried to demand even more time with Nicole even though she was hanging out with Clay Harbour, the guy she has had the strongest connection with so far. Clay asserted that no, Christian you cannot steal Nicole for a sec, okay? And the situation was diffused for a whole day, it seemed… until Jordan Kimball got involved.
Flash forward to rose ceremony night, and all Christian wants to do is show Nicole his piñata (not a euphemism — a literal piñata). Well, Christian’s moves put Clay on the defense, and Clay wants to be a little more forward, like Christian was the night before, and jump in on Christian’s time with Nicole. Christian declines, and Clay is the bigger man who opts to walk away and not start a fight. Apparently, this made Jordan mad. Real mad... because Clay... didn’t get to talk to Nicole? Nevertheless, Jordan, the second guy Nicole dated and subsequently had no connection with, decides to involve himself.
How Did The Fight Start?
Following Christian's piñata presentation, Jordan rips that poor thing down, Christian grabs his arm, and then... it’s on.
Please note: Clay told Jordan not to do any of this.
There was a lot of commotion and a lot of cuts and movements from the camera, but it appears that Jordan basically body slams Christian to the ground. OVER A PIÑATA. REALLY. Guys, look at your life. Look at your choices.
What Happens After The Fight?
Of course, Bachelor In Paradise thought it the perfect time to drop a “to be continued” on us in the middle of the fight, but considering that violence is usually something shows like The Bachelor and its ilk have zero tolerance for, both Christian and Jordan get kicked off Bachelor In Paradise for their aggressive spat.
Nicole stayed, reconciled with Clay, and then thanked some of her co-stars in real time as the episode aired on the East Coast, tweeting:
"Thanks for being there for me when I needed it most, @onyekaehie and @TayshiaAdams ? (P.S. - I guess you can say that beef was squashed, Bachelor Nation). ? #BachelorinParadise"
Chris Harrison — the guardian of Bachelor Nation's good name — isn't too pleased to hear about this and comes in to deliver the news himself. The unfortunate side effect is that Nicole spends the following hours blaming herself for two immature men taking swings at each other, but hey, Nicole, it's not your fault! Jordan got involved in something he shouldn’t have, and Christian didn’t need to flex so hard when it came to hanging out with Nicole. These bros needed to calm down. It’s just Paradise.
It’s one thing to be good to your friends and support them, and it’s quite another thing to get involved in something you should have stayed out of. Clay was the stand-up guy here — he was respectful and kind, because deep down, he knew he could squash all of these men like grapes. He doesn’t need to flex because he is secure. Christian and Jordan? Well, we might not be able to say the same thing, and now, they probably won’t be able to have much more of a say, at least in Paradise.

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