Why Isn't Justin Bieber's Infamous Face Tattoo On The Cover Of Vogue?

Photo: James Devaney/GC Images.
In a sea of celebrities sporting minimalist ink, Justin Bieber is a maximalist. His tattoos are innumerable — over 55+, at the least — and most of them are large, and visible to the casual onlooker. But from that vast collection, the one that's gotten the most attention is about as big as the diamond on Hailey Bieber's (née Baldwin) finger, situated just above the tail of his right eyebrow, spelling out the word "grace" in small, elegant script.
Although rumors first spread back in November via tattoo artist Keith "Bang Bang" McCurdy that Justin got a face tattoo (in addition to the tiny cross already on his left eye), it wasn't until January that fans got a look at the real thing on Instagram thanks to artist JonBoy. When the cover of Vogue's March issue featuring the newlyweds debuted today, fans were certain they'd see two things: Hailey's $500,000 engagement ring, and Justin's face tattoo, front and center. Of course, the ring is there (in almost every photo) — but the famous face tattoo is nowhere to be found.
The absence of "grace" might seem insignificant, but take into account how much of a role Justin's other tattoos play in the issue's spread. In almost every single shot, his body art is on full display: cradling Hailey on the lawn, sunbathing in a beach chair, playing guitar for his bride on an outdoor lounger... you get the picture. So if his other tattoos are cool enough for Vogue, where in the world is the one he got on his face not too long ago?
There are theories, of course: Maybe the 127-year-old magazine still isn't ready for a face tattoo on the cover and it was photoshopped out, or Justin got it removed months ago per his new wife's request (remember when she told him to ditch his mustache?), or maybe his long-time groomer, Florido, simply covered it with a little concealer. We still don't even know whether JonBoy or McCurdy is responsible, since neither of the artists have confirmed nor denied their part in it.
For now, there is only one thing we can say for sure: This isn't the first time Justin's "grace" has disappeared. In fact, we have proof — making the mystery of where Justin's face tattoo went even more elusive than we thought...

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