Twitter Has Some Thoughts About Justin Bieber's Torso Tattoo

Update: Over the weekend, Justin Bieber debuted his biggest set of tattoos yet — a design that covers almost the entirety of his torso (not to mention took 26 hours over the course of three days to complete). As expected, Beliebers had strong reactions to the large piece of body art.
For fans who enjoyed swooning over Bieber's abs as much as they did his music, it's understandable that this would be a cause for alarm. But look on the bright side: He's still got plenty of bare skin left on his left bicep. For now.
This story was originally published on October 21.
Justin Bieber debuted some new ink on Instagram today. The series of tattoos, combined with a couple that were already there, now covers his entire chest.
In case you were not already familiar with the tattoos on Justin Bieber's chest; the lion, cross, bear, roman numerals, and the eagle were there before. The rest, which includes at least one angel, a skeleton, clouds, and what appears to be a set of large windows is reminiscent of a scene from a Renaissance painting are all new.

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While Bieber has yet to explain the story behind the new tattoo, arguably his largest addition yet, we are sure he has one. In an interview last year with GQ, he went through and explained the meaning behind a number of his tattoos including his first one, a small seagull on his hip. During his cover shoot, he revealed the one place he would not get a tattoo. "I can't say I really feel lower back tattoos on a male or a female," he shared with GQ.
Tattoo artist Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy shared an Instagram post about Bieber's new ink. According to the artist, who has contributed to the singer's tattoo collection in the past, it took a whopping 26 hours over the course of three days to complete it.
It appears that he covered up an existing tattoo in the process. He previously had the phrase "Son of God" written across his stomach. The tattoo, which is now covered by some substantial shading, was first shared with his fans at a concert in Italy at the end of last year.

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The singer is no stranger to tattoos but how many does he have? Captial FM attempted to count all of Bieber's tattoos but lost count around 33. In an interview last year, he confirmed that he had no fewer than 56 tattoos, a number which has certainly gone up given that this new art isn't the only addition this year. Bieber shared a video as well as a photo, neither of which had a caption.
Who knows what tattoo Justin Bieber will get next. All we know is that he will have to get creative with finding an open space for it.
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