Ariana Grande's Tattoo Cover-Up Is A Tribute To Mac Miller — & His Dog

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images.
If anyone knows how to get over a break-up, it's Ariana Grande. After her most recent heartbreak (a broken engagement to SNL cast member Pete Davidson), the 25-year-old singer dropped a new single, "Thank U, Next," which quickly went on to become her first number one debut. And just last week, she released a record-breaking music video to go along with it. For most people, that might be enough to replace memories of an ex, but for Grande it wasn't even close. At some point — off camera — she went and covered up the last remaining evidence of her former relationship with one sentimental foot tattoo.
Over the weekend Grande and photographer Alfredo Flores dropped some behind-the-scenes footage from the set of the "Thank U, Next" music video. While the clips revealed sweet messages from Legally Blonde star Jennifer Coolidge and lots of Ari's dog, Toulouse, it also revealed some major news: Grande's newest tattoo is in honor of Mac Miller — or, more accurately, his dog.
Although we can't be sure of when Grande got the new ink, we are sure she loves it. In the video (fast forward to 2:39), Grande is seen beaming over a tattoo that says "Myron," situated just below the front of her ankle. "I love my tattoos," Grande says. "I just went down to do the bend-and-snap and was like, 'Oh! What a foot!'" Fans immediately recognized Myron as the name belonging to Miller's dog, who Grande reportedly adopted not long after the rapper's death.
The only thing more interesting than the fact that Grande now has a tribute to Miller inked on her body is that it doubles as a cover-up to a tattoo she got in July in honor of Davidson's late father. Already, Ariana hid both her hand and finger tattoos relating to her ex-fiancé, and the addition of "Myron" marks the removal of all evidence of Davidson (at least, in the form of permanent ink). In other words, that relationship is finally over.
Don't worry, just because we no longer have to talk about their matching couple tattoos doesn't mean we won't be slightly concerned with their individual ones. After all, Davidson did just get Ruth Bader Ginsburg's face tattooed onto his chest. To be continued...

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