We're Buying All Of Our Halloween Costumes At Zara From Now On

Zara has easily become a one-stop shop for most shopping scenarios in our life. Few other places deliver the same caliber of options when you need something quick and cheap that doesn't often look quick or cheap. Since we already buy everything else at Zara, why not Halloween costumes?
Instead of wasting your precious pre-holiday prep time trying on too many polyester and tulle get-ups, take a second to scroll through Zara's new arrivals. With enough imagination, you'll be able to spot a bunch of makeshift costumes among the trendy offerings. Those mini-mod dresses look like they emerged straight out of the swinging sixties and the bohemian corduroy suits could have easily been stolen off the set of Almost Famous. There's even an entire capsule collection dubbed "Army."
Zara is bating us to bypass Spirit Halloween altogether this year and stick to their new arrivals for all our costume needs. And, if we're being honest, it's working. Maybe that's our Zara obsession talking, but with the options available, this year could be our best, and most on-trend, Halloween yet.
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