Lea Michele Teases Her Bridal Beauty Look — & It's Anything But Minimal

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You've probably heard someone say, "Stars, they're just like us!" And while the idea might feel fishy, many do shop at Target, use drugstore cleansing wipes to take off their makeup, and ride Citi Bikes. Hell, some even eat at McDonald's. But take a closer look and you'll notice that no matter how many superstores our A-list counterparts walk into, celebrities will never really be like us. Lea Michele, however, gets pretty darn close.
Ever since her successful run on Glee back in 2009, Michele has been one of those actresses who just seem like the BFF you always wanted. (Or maybe it's just me?) Maybe it's because she often gushes about her girl gang — Billie Lourd, Emma Roberts, and hairstylist Sarah Potempa — on Instagram, which gives us the inherent urge to comment, "FOMO!" In fact, when she got engaged to now-fiancé Zandy Reich we nearly slid into her DMs to ask for every detail.
We might not be in her inner circle, but that didn't stop us from asking the 31-year-old everything we always wanted to know when we had the chance to chat with her earlier this month. And as Olly's new brand ambassador, she gave us all the dirt on her wedding beauty plans, the treatments she gets with friends, and who actually takes longer to get glam: her or Darren Criss. Her answers, ahead.
Congrats on your engagement! Have you started brainstorming any beauty ideas for your wedding yet? Will Sarah Potempa be styling your hair?
"We have a bunch of ideas. Knowing [Potempa], she's going to want to do 20 hair changes. Not only is she an incredible stylist who I've worked with since 2005, but she's one of my closest friends. For us, it's fun to not only talk about it aesthetically, but to think about what the day is going to be like together as best friends."
You've said in the press in the past that your biggest advice to your younger self would be to stop picking your pimples, is this something you still struggle with?
"I'm proud to say that I'm a recovered pimple popper. I had really bad skin growing up, but it's in better shape now. I think getting older, finding a great skin-care routine, and a pro really helps. When you're a kid and see [pimples] you think you can make it better. but you're only making the problem worse. Picking is not the answer!"
What's your strategy now?
"I have a pro handle it if it's something major. I have a fantastic facialist, Shani Darden. She is one of the most wonderful women I know. She's scary if I ever try to pop a pimple without her. She would not be happy [Laughs.] "
You’re still close with Emma Roberts, one of your co-stars from Scream Queens, do you ever share beauty advice?
"Emma is one of my best friends in the entire world. We’re always doing differing things together, like wellness trends, going to spas, scrubs, infrared saunas, everything. We're always sharing different tips with each other."
You had an amazing female cast on Scream Queens. What was your experience like on set with so many talented women?
"It was incredible. A few of us were just staying we would give anything to go back and do it again, to be together every day. Ryan [Murphy] put together an incredible cast of women led by Jamie Lee [Curtis]. She was such a powerful, strong woman to be the head of that group. It's important to see women support each other because we don't always have that same support from the media. You never see stories about men having 'cat fights,' but women are pitted against each other. It's frustrating."
You’re also still very close to your former Glee co-star Darren Criss, tell me about your experience on tour together.
"First of all, I cant say enough great things about Darren Criss. He truly is one of the most incredible people I know. He's so spontaneous and brings out a fun side to me that isn't so type A. I love that about our relationship. We want to add more dates to the tour because it was so amazing."
Who takes longer to get their glam done: You or Darren?
"It's 100% me. Darren will be sleeping on a couch five minutes before the show and still get ready in time. He’d come in my dressing room and be like, 'Can I just share a dressing room today and hang out?' He'd sit and hang and talk. He made it so fun I had to sometimes remember we were working and doing a job."
What's your best advice for having a ton of energy while handling a busy schedule?
"I believe food is energy and good food gives you everything you need, as well as taking your supplements, working out, drinking water, and getting enough sleep. I travel a lot so when I'm super busy I throw the Women's Multi-Vitamin and Hello Sunshine Vitamin D in my purse wherever I go. [They] give me everything I need."

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