Forget Bella Hadid — The Weeknd Is Only At Cannes To Watch Movies

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The Weeknd is a huge film buff, y’all.
At least, that’s according to his latest Instagram post, uploaded less than a day after he was spotted kissing supermodel Bella Hadid at an afterparty at the Cannes Film Festival.
The singer’s cheeky response to rumors that he and Hadid are dating again showed him dressed to the nines inside a movie theater. He studiously looks away from the camera towards the screen, the image of a model Cannes attendee.
“Honestly just tryna watch movies,” the caption read.
The internet, naturally, exploded. In the photo’s comment section — nearly at 10,000 and still going strong — fans are talking about everything from the singer’s love life to his clean-cut Cannes tux look.

honestly just tryna watch movies

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Okay, yes, he’s definitely messing with us, but it’s hard to deny photographic evidence. The Weeknd, neé Abel Tesfaye, and Hadid arrived at Thursday night’s Magnum x Alexander Wang party separately, but quickly linked up in the VIP area. They later left together.
However, the jury’s still out on what the pair’s actual relationship status is. The two were also seen hanging out during the festival, and were reportedly caught getting cozy together at Coachella last month — although Hadid quickly took to the comments to rebuff those rumors, playfully writing, “It wasn’t me” with a shrug emoji.
Hadid and The Weeknd were previously in a long-term relationship but broke up in 2016 (and though they insisted it ended on good enough terms, things didn’t look good on either end for a while there). He went on to date fellow singer Selena Gomez for about 10 months, until things ended rather unceremoniously last fall. His latest release, the moody My Dear Melancholy, found the singer returning to his dark, moody roots with both of his exes clearly on his mind.
As for what’s next for The Weeknd and Hadid (more Insta trolling seems like a given) your guess is honestly as good as ours. We’ll be keeping an eye on these crazy kids, but it’s also the fair and reasonable thing to give them the time to figure things out for themselves — maybe they’ll catch a movie while they’re at it.
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