Are Bella Hadid & The Weeknd “Still In Love” After Their Breakup?

Photo: David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock
Seeing an ex at your place of work sounds about as fun as an unfortunate stapler accident. Bella Hadid does not share this sentiment. She's impressively chill about her former boyfriend making his own appearance at one of the biggest nights of her career — her first Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. In an interview with E! News, Hadid revealed that she is completely and utterly fine with The Weeknd (real name: Abel Tesfaye) sharing the event, despite their breakup earlier in November. Is it because Hadid knows how fierce she'll look taking the stage in the brand's famously lavish lingerie? Not exactly. Apparently, she's still very close with her former beau. "There is no awkwardness. He is my best friend, and I am excited because I am walking during his performance." Maybe I'm just incredibly petty, but I would totally understand if Hadid never wanted to listen to another Weeknd song again — yes, even "The Hills" — following the pair's split. The fact that Hadid sees performing with her ex as no big deal is bizarrely mature to me, and pretty damn aspirational. Then again,"scheduling conflicts," as Hadid and Tesfaye reportedly battled, is hardly the most dramatic reason to separate, so maybe there really is no bad blood here. Some sources have other thoughts — like, say, that Hadid and her "Starboy" might be getting back together sometime in the future. A source told E! News that the pair have been "talking" and "texting" again, and that despite the breakup, these two are "still in love." Since neither party has declared their undying love for the other, I think it's fair to say that the reconciliation is a rumor. However, we heard it from Hadid herself: The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show will feature zero relationship drama on their part.

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