Kim Kardashian Has A New "Thing" & We Did Not See This Coming

Kim Kardashian is, apparently, officially done with wearing fur.
Kardashian broke the news in — what else? — an Instagram post. In it, she wore a cut out top paired with what is (presumably) a jacket with faux fur accents, captioned: “Faux’s my new thing.”

Faux’s my new thing ❤️??

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This isn’t Kardashian’s first brush with faux fur. In February, she posed for ODDA magazine in a faux fur jacket and, last week, she made an announcement via Snapchat that she was wearing fake fur in Las Vegas.
Kardashian hasn’t revealed why she made the choice to give up fur, but in the past, she has received a great deal of criticism for wearing it. In 2015, a signing for her book Selfish was interrupted by animal rights activists yelling things like, “I just want to say that you’re the most disgusting human being on this planet,” and, “Shame on you for supporting the fur industry.”
In 2012, Kardashian was “flour-bombed” on behalf of PETA for wearing leather and fur, which caused her sister Khloé, who had previously posed for PETA’s anti-fur campaign, to sever ties with the organization.
In September 2017, Pamela Anderson wrote Kim Kardashian an open letter in which she urged Kardashian to look into “swearing off fur.” It is unclear if Kardashian was moved by Anderson’s letter or if she decided to stop wearing fur for another reason.
In fact, it is certainly possible that Kardashian made the choice to stop wearing fur more out of pragmatism than anything else — as a way of staying on-trend. According to People, once famously fur-happy fashion houses like Versace, Armani, Gucci, and more have ditched fur in recent years. Gucci’s reason for doing so is that they felt fur was no longer “modern.”
What this shows is that the fashion tides are turning, and Kim Kardashian is, as always, just going along with them.

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