Do Kanye's New Yeezy Slides Look Familiar To You?

Photo: Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images.
Kanye West, an all-around creative powerhouse, is often on a different plane of existence from the rest of us. It can take some time for us to get on board with his vision, and he courts controversy along the way. But as a fashion designer, his Yeezy clothing line has such a specific aesthetic — it’s apocalyptic, sensual, and comfortable, a combination which is uniquely his own. His Yeezy shoe collections have really taken off with consumers; his flyknit Boost sneakers and military boots cost hundreds of dollars, but sell out instantly. People love his shoes. Naturally, West (who is back on Twitter!) decided to give his eager fans a look at on of the next Yeezy shoes: a pair of slide sandals.
Fans instantly lost it. Once again, West has gifted us with another meme. The oddly-shaped blue slide against a concrete floor looks strange from this angle, and the zig-zag lugged soles look more sculptural than wearable. Twitter decided that the shoe looks like all manners of things that aren’t shoes: namely, blue gummy sharks, a kitchen sponge, and Flintstones children’s vitamins. We can always trust Twitter to make us laugh whenever the celebs are at it again.
Still, if the near-impossible availability of Yeezy sneakers is any indication, his fans trust in his creative judgement. West shared additional images of the slides, and our honest opinion? They actually look pretty neat, especially with the socks and sweatpant combo. Sure, they may look strange at first glance, but we are placing our bets now that the slides will be a must-have shoe at Fashion Week. After all, West might by one of the few people who could, without irony, call themselves a genius and the rest of the world will nod in agreement. Check out some of our favorite Yeezy slide Twitter jokes below.
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