The New Yeezys Are Being Compared To McDonalds Sandwiches

Kanye West really knows how to build up anticipation leading to the release of his latest shoe with Adidas, the “Semi-Frozen Yellow” Yeezy Boast 350 V2. In August, his wife Kim Kardashian gave a sneak peek on her Snapchat, showing off the new highlighter color, a surprise from the man whose palette typically consists of earthy, neutral colors. “After a long day of work, this is what I get to come home to. Yes!” she said at the time in her Snapchat story. “I think there are only two pairs of these: his and hers.”
Eventually, it was reported that the sneakers would be available to the public in limited quantities on its rumored release date of November 18. In addition to its bright hue, the sneakers have a neon yellow upper with contrasting black stripes, and the bright red SPLY-350 stitching. They retail for $220. Ahead of its launch date, sneakerheads are poking fun at the shoes, comparing them to an unusual item.

I Like McChicken Yeezy 350s With My McChicken Sandwiches.

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According to Footwear News, after Yeezy Mafia showed images of the soon-to-be-released shoes, Instagram user @the.real.uncle.sam starting comparing the sneakers to McDonald’s sandwich wrappers. “I like McChicken Yeezy 350s with my McChicken sandwiches,” the user wrote, igniting a firestorm of likes. And when you think about it, the sneakers do kind-of look like a McDonald's sandwich wrapper. We see the resemblance. Do you?