Lady Gaga Is Bringing Back This Popular '80s Hairstyle

By now, we're not too shocked when we see an old beauty trend get a second wind. (Hi, lip gloss!) And these days, it's all about the '80s — just ask every celebrity in Hollywood. Jennifer Lawrence is bringing back slicked back waves, Gabrielle Union is wearing the same bouncy curls Whitney Houston once did, and we can't even remember the last time someone didn't bring a photo of Debbie Harry into the salon as bangs inspiration. Needless to say, the very best of the glam decade is here yet again — and now Lady Gaga is jumping aboard.

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The Joanne singer recently brought two of our favorite looks back from 1985. But let's start with the new color. Thanks to the Haus of Gaga hairstylist Frederic Aspiras, Gaga now has traded in her summer platinum for a Mädchen Amick-inspired orangey-red hue. (You know, that Twin Peaks, Shelly Johnson strawberry-blond color.) Aspiras posted several photos of Gaga with the fresh dye job with the caption: "This seasons hair color is on the warmer blonde side with a copper rinse so say goodbye to the rose gold blonde. It’s warmer and rich! Simple and sexy!"
But that's not all. It was only a matter of time until Gaga channeled Madonna and those "Like A Virgin" curls. Aspiras paired the copper color with some untamed texture to top it off: "One of my favorite hair looks and this weeks best beauty of the week hair: loose shiny and wild curls," Aspiras wrote. "This looks is carefree, shiny, wild and sexy!"
The beauty transformation comes alongside Gaga's big return to the big stage since taking a break to focus on her health. Not that this is surprising. If anyone knows how to orchestrate a grand return — it's Mother Monster.
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