This It Girl Cut Is Having A Serious Moment

Grace Jones's hi-top fade, Brigitte Bardot's beehive, Jane Birkin's fringe — over the decades, we've witnessed a slew of earth-shattering 'dos. But this year, there's one in particular we've seen resurrected time and time again on everyone from Taylor Swift to models on the runway and girls on the street. What is this hairstyle, you ask? Debbie Harry's platinum shag.
"This is the 'rules are made to be broken look,'" hairstylist Matt Fugate says of the punk-rock cut. "It's a mid-length shattered shag that's tousled with reckless abandon." We couldn't have put it better ourselves — the effortlessness of the Blondie front-runner's style is unparalleled, so it comes as no surprise that everyone wants this cut and color.
But why now? Fugate believes we're slowly moving away from the age of polished hair. "I think due to the flood of blowout bars, the perfectly coiffed hair isn't so sought after," he says. "Now it's about going against the grain."
But the very best part of Harry's look is that basically anyone can rock it. "The shape and looseness is flattering to lots of women," says hairstylist Ryan Trygstad. "It gives length to the neck and helps women get volume."
Even Harry's icy-blonde color can be sported by basically any hair type, face shape, and skin tone — you just need to have the confidence to rock this daring shade, says professional colorist Lucille Javier. "My best advice is to be honest with your professional so they can better help you and your hair," she says. Make sure to fess up to any previous hair color (even that quickie box-dye job you did last year in a pinch) that could possibly derail your ideal platinum.
Need some visual inspo? We've rounded up a handful of images of Harry herself, along with a few shots of celebrities who have adopted a Harry-inspired crop in the slides ahead. The best part? Each slide has tips on how to style, manage, and maintain the cut.

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