Your Favorite Middle School Beauty Product Is Cool Again

Photographed by Kailas.
Lil Mama once sang, "My lip gloss be cool, my lip gloss be poppin'." And she was not wrong — lip gloss is always a good idea — but what we've never understood is why she left out all the other places you can put gloss. What about your lids, your ponytail, your cheekbones? Really, the stuff can put just about any feature in the spotlight.
Which brings us to our current motto: all gloss everything. Gone are the days of crunchy beach hair and ultra-matte skin and lips. We're throwing it back to the late '90s and early 2000s, when the shine was dialed all the way up (hello, body glitter!).
To demonstrate our renewed love of wet-look texture, we enlisted the help of hairstylist Song Hee and makeup artist Misha Shahzada to create looks so slick, so sparkly, and so satiny, you'll be wishing you'd held on to that tube of Jessica Simpson's Dessert Treats lip gloss. (Admit it. You totally had one.)
Click through for the looks you'll be wearing for the rest of the summer. They're...poppin'.

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