Bella Thorne Just Defended Jennifer Lawrence Because The Youths Are Confusing

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As anyone who has ever spoken to a teenager knows, they can be brutal in their opinions — especially when it comes to pop culture. That's why, when Buzzfeed asked a bunch of teens which celebrities were "cool" and "not cool," my stomach dropped. (Perhaps I was suffering from high school flashbacks, where being "uncool" in the eyes of 15-year-olds felt like the end of the world.)
Fortunately, The Babysitter actress Bella Thorne is here to stand up for the "uncool kids" of Hollywood. Inexplicably to Thorne (and also this writer), that list includes Jennifer Lawrence, and Thorne herself.
I'm just as confused as you are why stars like J Lawr were not given the teen stamp of approval. I mean, didn't the youths flip over The Hunger Games? Are they not aware of Lawrence's hilarious interview with Kim Kardashian, the latter of which was marked on the list as both "cool" and "not cool?"
Good luck staying in fashion with the youths. Some will drop their iPhones in the toilet the moment a new one hits the Apple store.
Being uncool hasn't exactly stopped Thorne from thriving in her career. She'll next appear in upcoming movies like Midnight Sun and The Death and Life of John F. Donovan opposite Jessica Chastain. Perhaps it's confidence from knowing she's got this that caused her to clap back to the kids.
"Damn if jlaw Halsey jared Leto and amy schumer aren't cool? I don't what is," wrote the You Get Me actress.
Thorne may have commented on the post, but it's doubtful that this free spirit cared that much about what these anonymous teens said about her. Thorne is unapologetic in everything she does, whether it is showing off her first bikini wax on Snapchat or revealing that she took her Disney Channel job in order to save her family from homelessness.
And isn't be super cool with yourself the coolest thing of all? Sigh. Maybe one day the youths will learn.

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