Jennifer Lawrence Got Drunk With The Kardashians & The Story Is Everything

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If you're a fan of both Jennifer Lawrence and Kim Kardashian, we have some news that will warm your heart. The two of them have become friends and it sounds like they've had plenty of hilarious moments together.
Lawrence guest-hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday, and she and Kardashian had a hilarious conversation. The pair discussed a recent night at Kris Jenner's home, during which the Oscar winner went over for dinner and apparently got a bit drunk.
"I remember getting naked in your mom's closet and ordering you to dress me," Lawrence said to Kardashian. "You dressed me fabulously."
The party wasn't the first time they met, though. Kardashian recalled that story, too — apparently, Lawrence yelled at Kardashian that she loved her show as the reality star was getting on an elevator at an New York hotel.
Kardashian also recalled a time when the ladies created a political version of the party game Would You Rather. In this game, they had to decide whether they'd sleep with Kim Jong Un or President Donald Trump in order to save the world.
"I think we were just laughing so hard, we didn't choose," Kardashian said of the game.
The reality star also revealed that her husband, Kanye West, doesn't keep photos saved on his phone, likely for security reasons. (That's probably a good thing — Kardashian also discussed her "hacker" past, during which she found a way to access other people's voicemail inboxes.) Sadly, she didn't answer Lawrence's most pressing question, which was whether she and Kanye fart in front of each other. That remains a mystery for the ages, as yet unsolved.
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