Lip Smacker Has Never Launched Anything Like This Before

Of all the lip balms in the world, there's one brand that consistently gets it right: Lip Smacker. Whether it's because you gave up soda 15 years ago and use the Dr. Pepper flavor to get your carbonated fix or you collect the Disney Tsum Tsums in your free time, the company has been a ride-or-die staple since the early 70s. But despite pushing out some of the most bizarre flavors imaginable (we'll pass on the salted pretzel), Lip Smacker has never launched balms that do more than hydrate your lips — until now.
The drugstore brand's lip balms have been known for 40 years for keeping your mouth moisturized and uniquely scented, but never before have the formulas been loaded with sun protection. (Honestly, that's been the one thing missing from the Darth Vader Tsum Tsum.) Now, all of that is changing with the company's new Kiss Therapy line.
Not only does the collection introduce a brand-new design, but it also includes three SPF 30 formulas and one medicated lip balm. And don't worry, the flavors are still very much on-brand: You can choose from grapefruit, superfruit, and strawberry with the sunscreen-laced balms; the green-capped tube is a eucalyptus and mint blend meant to keep lips protected through the driest winter days.
Plus, since the new Kiss Therapy range rings in at under $3 per tube (or $10 for a set of four), protecting your skin won't break the bank, either. Now, we know it might take a lot to get you to retire your Coca-Cola Lip Smacker, but isn't it time you start considering a new desert island product?
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