Lip Smacker Is Releasing The Cutest Disney Lip Balm Collection Yet

It’s hard not to get a little nostalgic for childhood from time to time: Shopping for Lisa Frank school supplies was a whole lot cheaper than shopping for home furnishings, you could diagnose anyone who dared ghost you with cooties and be done with it, and every day after school, you'd get rewarded with an ice cream. But at least we still have one thing to hold onto in adult life: Lip Smackers.
Lip Smacker’s collaboration with Disney Tsum Tsum isn't new — it's filled with iconic characters like Minnie Mouse and Darth Vader — but this summer, we're going to have more options to choose from than ever. The brand just announced it's adding four more lip balms to the collection: Ariel, Elsa, Sulley, and Mike Wazowski.
Monsters Inc. is exciting and all, but die-hard Disney princess fans will be happy to know Ariel and Elsa are the first princesses to be added to the Lip Smacker lineup (unless you count Tinkerbell, but you probably don't). Best of all, each character comes with their own sweet scent; our favorites are Sulley's cookies-and-cream flavor and Ariel's tangy grapefruit scent.
Ahead, check out the four newest lip balms in the collection and get your hands on them in July at select drugstores and online at