Disney Fans Are About To Go Wild For These Lip Smacker Balms

We firmly believe that Disney mania will never die. Within the last year, there has been Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella nail polish collections, plus a Frozen-themed makeup line creating all sorts of beauty buzz. But our favorite cartoon characters are the originals, Mickey and Minnie Mouse. (Remember when Sephora launched an entire palette inspired by the latter? It was so good.) Now, another brand is hopping on the animation train and bringing us the classic couple in lip balm form. Last year, Lip Smacker sold two super-cute Mickey and Minnie Mouse lip treatments separately. But, this time around, the cosmetics company is bringing dynamic duo together in one package — just in time for Valentine's Day. Even better, the flavors are fruity as can be, in pineapple and strawberry scents. If you'd like, give one-half of the set away to your S.O. on the holiday, or keep both for yourself. It is chapped lip season, after all.

Lip Smacker
Winky Mickey + Minnie Tsum Tsum Duo, $9.95, available at Lip Smacker.
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