Corinne Olympios & DeMario Jackson Have Moved On — & We Should, Too

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
There's no bad blood between Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson — take it from Olympios herself. The two former Bachelor In Paradise contestants were photographed outside the Nightingale club in Los Angeles Wednesday night.
In the footage obtained by TMZ, Olympios, 24, gives Jackson a hug and tells the cameras, "We never had bad blood, you guys." She then repeats: "We never had bad blood, okay?"
When photographers ask that they kiss, Olympios wraps her legs around Jackson and jokes, "Get a good shot, b*tches." She gives Jackson a polite kiss on the cheek.
"My PR is gonna hate this in the morning," Jackson says. Then, as Olympios strides away with an anonymous friend, Jackson says, "Corn, text me when you get home!"
It's a silly encounter — Olympios is giggling and Jackson seems mildly uncomfortable — but it suggests that the two have officially moved on. The rumors are true; there's no bad blood, and the BIP scandal is just as minor as ABC insisted it is.
On June 11, ABC announced that Bachelor In Paradise had halted production due to a third party complaint regarding sexual misconduct. Allegedly, a producer witnessed Olympios and Jackson engaging in sexual activity, and sensed that the interaction was non consensual. Shortly after the news broke, Olympios hired a lawyer and released a statement claiming she was a "victim." Jackson maintained his innocence and requested to see tapes of the encounter, which would clear his name.
"This has caused a lot of trauma [for Jackson] — both physical and emotional injury,” Jackson's lawyer Walter Mosley told Variety at the time. “It's been difficult for DeMario and his family. He's a celebrity for all the wrong reasons."
After an investigation, Warner Bros. concluded that no sexual misconduct had occurred. Bachelor In Paradise resumed filming, but neither Olympios or Jackson returned. Olympios subsequently closed her own investigation and has since clarified that her statement meant she was a victim of "the media."
Throughout it all, Olympios and Jackson have not interacted. On Tuesday night, Olympios told Chris Harrison that she and Jackson hadn't spoken during the scandal. Now, it seems, the embargo has lifted — the investigations are closed, Bachelor In Paradise is back to banal beachy antics, and Olympios and Jackson are fine posing together for photographers. And, hey, Corinne Olympios is allegedly developing a scripted series.
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