All The Moments Corinne Olympios Didn’t Deserve During That Bachelor In Paradise Special

Photo: Paul Hebert/ABC.
For months, a lot has been left to be desired when it comes to how Bachelor In Paradise is handling its largest scandal ever: rumored (and eventually proven incorrect) allegations of sexual misconduct on the set of season 4 between Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson. Both parties were painted as the villains of their respective Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons, and were subsequently dragged through the mud during the Paradise controversy, which included a halt in production. Corinne was the victim of instant slut-shaming, while DeMario found himself pulled into a regressive and racist narrative.
Since the beginning of August, we’ve known both Corinne and DeMario would have an "honest" conversation with host-producer Chris Harrison during a studio edition of Bachelor in Paradise. DeMario’s sit-down was tear-stained and soul-baring, following weeks of strong, vocal, and clear support from his cast members. Corinne’s came this week. As is BIP tradition with this entire incident, Corinne’s half of the equation in “Week 3 Part 2” still felt lacking, or downright problematic. The reality star was forced to reveal an unsettling amount of medical information, along with other extremely private details.
To prove just how uncomfortable Corinne’s interview truly was, we collected all the unfair questions, comments, and concerns the reality star was forced to deal with during her conversation. Keep reading to see what we mean.
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