Coming Soon: Sheet Masks & More For Sale In Your Uber Ride

Being "trapped in an Uber" could certainly be its own Twitter thread from all the experience we've had, well, being trapped in an Uber. You know what we're talking about: On your way to the airport without your phone charger — again. Or maybe that time you were hungover and running too late to stop for Advil and a much-needed snack. The list could go on and on (and quite possibly just inspired the intro to our 20-something memoir), but there’s one brand trying to eliminate this issue. Enter: Cargo.
The startup is prepared to bring you — and your many car rides — to another level with a full supply of products you’ve found yourself in dire need for when you’re on your way from Point A to Point B. Think of it as a mini vending machine stocked with everything you don't have time to stop for, but need, like, now.
Cargo is a service within a car service that allows drivers working for Uber, Lyft, Juno, Via, or any other, to offer a slew of commodities to its riders. A driver will request a pre-packed Cargo box to be installed in their car and it will be stocked with products like snacks, pain relievers, tissues, gum, phone chargers, and beauty products. For the rider to access the goods, all they have to do is go onto Cargo's website while in the car, pick their products, and the driver will hand 'em over. But there's something so much better about this.
Forget the quick snack or iPhone battery for a moment and listen: The beauty products are free. Yes, free of charge. All you have to do is ask for it. So what will you get? A green tea sheet mask from Leaders (a brand that helped in the come-up of the K-beauty evolution here in the states).
While the other products will cost you about $5 or less, the sheet mask is just a bonus. You know, for being patient after sitting in traffic for an hour after what should have been a 15-minute car ride. You're welcome to rip open the hydrating treatment and lay it on while still hunkered down in the backseat, or wait until you're home for a little self-care.
As of right now, this is the only beauty product offered in the Cargo package, but Sabina Rahaman, Director of Brand Partnerships & Merchandising at Cargo, told us that there is more to come — and that's what makes it so exciting.
So why put beauty products in an Uber? Well, car rides can be boring — or sometimes just downright awkward experiences — so we should be able to look forward to something like a trendy sheet mask to soothe inflammation (damn those morning breakouts) or a cute red lip you wish you remembered to throw in your clutch before leaving the apartment. Plus, you get to experience new brands and products you may not have tried before.
Cargo has yet to ask actual car riders what they're interested in seeing inside their car services, but as time goes on it will certainly be looking to your for rider feedback for new product inclusions. Our opinion? We wouldn't mind seeing condoms, lip balm, and de-puffing eye patches in the center console from now on.
So when can you actually expect your next Lyft Pool to be stocked with product? Within the next two weeks — so if there's any time to throw out your MetroCard, it's now.
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