Taco Bell Lovers, Order A Lyft For Free Food & Other Perks

Photo: Courtesy of Lyft.
Lyft is like the Instagram Stories to Uber's Snapchat. Where Uber started something novel — a ride-sharing business beyond yellow cabs — Lyft was quick to catch on and find success in the same arena, selling itself as the happy-go-lucky, pink mustachioed alternative.
While drivers vary, the difference between the overall experience in the car and on the apps is not so different between the two ride-sharing services. But as Uber has been embroiled in a string of public relations nightmares, Lyft has, for some, risen as the better option.
If you're in that boat, or you just want to save a few bucks and get your $20 promo as a first-time rider, there are some things to know before requesting a car. And even if you are a loyal Lyft rider, there are ways to get additional perks out of every ride you take.
Should you decide you want to venture beyond Lyft and Uber altogether, you can always try one of these other ride-sharing options instead.

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