The Moment Bachelorette's Eric Bigger Realized That Bryan Abasolo Was Going To Win

Photo: Courtesy Of ABC.
We're still reeling from the madness that was last night's Bachelorette finale. Peter Kraus' heartbreak was devastating, but let's not forget the other runner-up, Eric Bigger. He says that he and a bunch of guys from this season had their suspicions about who would end up with the final rose, but there was one specific moment that pushed Bigger over the edge.
Back in Geneva, Switzerland, Bryan Abasolo (the man who would eventually become Rachel Lindsay's fiancé) went on a one-on-one date with the bachelorette. During the outing, Lindsay got them both matching Breitling watches. We'll spare you from the number, but Breitling watches are not cheap. Even if the pieces went on ABC's tab, matching watches at that price means commitment.
Bigger totally picked up on that. In the moment, he admits that he was upset about the gift.
“Me and Bryan had a great relationship, we still do,” Bigger explained to Us Weekly. “It wasn’t like, ‘I’m mad at you.’ I get it. I was just like, ‘Why do you let me see [the watch]. Don’t let me see that! I’m emotional and vulnerable right now.’”
Now, he's admitted to Us Weekly that Abasolo getting that watch solidified, to him, that Abasolo would be the winner of the season. Fast-forward a couple weeks later and Bigger was 100% correct. It wasn't just the watch that tipped Bigger off. He and several other men in the house could see it coming.
“He had the most momentum," Bigger went on. "He got the first rose. The biggest group date, he got the rose. . . . From the jump, everyone in the house knew B’s the guy. Probably week four, five, we were like, ‘Yeah, he’s going to be in the final two.’”
Even while dealing with those sneaking suspicions, Eric Bigger made it to a coveted position by being in the final three. If he can handle being on The Bachelorette, he's sure to find love somewhere out there.
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