Was The Bachelorette's Bryan On Another Dating Show?

Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin.
In the early 2000s, every network was trying to get a foothold in the reality-TV dating scene, even after The Bachelor premiered on ABC. That meant that there was more than one game in town for telegenic eligible men and women willing to air their search for love. We probably shouldn't be surprised, then, that a contestant on The Bachelorette may have been on another show, as the sleuths of several fan sites may have discovered. It looks a lot like there's a UPN skeleton in Bryan Abasolo's closet.
The rumors began two weeks ago, but now that Abasolo, a 37-year-old chiropractor from Miami, is looking a lot like one of Rachel Lindsay's favorites, more and more fans are looking into his past. Some think he was on UPN's 2004 show The Player, in which 13 men with a lot of product in their hair competed in various player "tests" to earn a date with a Miami model named Dawn. It's not clear who found this out first, but someone on BachandBachettefans.net posted a link to the show's trailer on June 9, and on June 10. "The E & G Podcast" also shared a clip on Instagram.
Bryan on The Player was also from Miami, but he was called a"club promoter" at the time. In place of his scruffy beard and short hair, this Bryan had longer hair, earrings, and some extremely well-groomed eyebrows. It doesn't take too much imagination to see that beneath all that, the facial structure and piercing brown eyes are there. Also, most club promoters have to grow up some time.
A press release on the Futon Critic describes Bryan's last days on the show. He impressed her on a date in which he hired a plane to fly a banner reading "Dawn & Bryan!!!"
"But Dawn knew something was up later when she asked his buddies about Bryan and they fell silent," the release states. "With nothing to say about their best friend, Dawn started to doubt his player skills. The following day, while the other two guys were competing for Dawn's attention, Bryan just stayed downstairs and kept to himself, which only helped Dawn make her decision. So, at the time of elimination, her choice was easy, and she asked Bryan to leave. She just felt he had no game."
As Romper points out, if this is actually the same Abasolo, that judgment actually bodes well for his chances with Lindsay. She is most definitely not looking for a player of her own right now, and maybe just a little practice makes perfect.
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