20 Under-$100 Picks For That Middle-Of-Summer Style Rut

There's nothing quite like shopping and stumbling upon pieces that fall in that under-$100 sweet spot — you know, items you can treat yourself to after a long week at work, or ones that'll help give a boost when your closet needs a little something fresh. And, while we're quickly becoming pros at scouring the web for the best of the best when it comes to sales (especially with all of the summer discount events in full swing), imagine if you could get the latest and greatest — the silky tops, the statement earrings, and the menswear-inspired trousers trending right now — at that sweet steal of a price, too?
Over the past year or so, Mango has become our go-to for essentials and quirky styling tips. And its new arrivals section, as it turns out, is stocked with the latest trends your closet is asking for — and they're well under that feel-good mark. Whether you're feeling ruffles, florals, or stripes, or just need a cool pair of earrings to get you through the rest of the season, ahead are 20 easy-to-wear (and totally affordable) picks you can wear now through the fall. We're filling up a cart as we speak...

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