People Are Really Worked Up Over Selena Gomez's Latest Makeup Look

The audio teaser for Selena Gomez’s just-released song “Fetish” sure has a lot going on for being a three-minute video that shows nothing but the lower half of the star’s face as she mouths along the words to the new track. Between the sexually suggestive lyrics (“You got a fetish for my love / I push you out and you come right back / Don’t see a point in blaming you / If I were you I’d do me too”), the cameo from Gucci Mane, and the mystery of exactly how much Sara Happ lip scrub was involved in getting her lips that smooth, there was one other thing you may have failed to notice: her freckles.
Granted, unless you were zooming in to obsessively scan Selena’s skin for any signs of inconsistencies, you probably didn’t see the freckles much at all. They’re barely visible in the video — which generally looks as if it was shot with Vaseline smeared on the camera lens — but go-to celebrity makeup artist Hung Vanngo, who made up Selena’s face for the occasion, shared a photo to Instagram to give fans a closer look at his handiwork.

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This right here is where the much-discussed freckles come in. You may have heard of people who hate their own freckles, or others who wish they had some of their own — but harboring strong feelings about the freckles you saw in a picture of a stranger’s face is practically unheard of. And yet! One thing led to another and suddenly there was a full-on argument between commenters regarding the legitimacy of Selena’s freckles. Are they a realistic-looking fake-out, or just the product of Vanngo letting her natural complexion shine through?
Selena superfans came out of the woodwork to insist that, no, their patron saint does not have freckles. Particularly ardent believers even criticized the makeup artist for the decision to give his client fake ones. Finally, Vanngo responded to the rumors by sharing the breakdown of the look he created for the video — faux freckles and all.
Breathe easily: We can now lay the freckles debate to rest. You have to choose your battles in life, so consider saving your energy for the next time Bella Hadid and Selena show up to an event with the same haircut.
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