This Bizarre New Trend Is Surprisingly Pretty

Faux freckles first popped up on the T-zones of models in 2014, and the fake-'em-out trend is resurfacing in a new, colorful way. Ladies near and far have started dotting their faces with what Seventeen refers to as "rainbow freckles." (Think purple, blue, yellow, and pink dots speckled across cheeks and foreheads.)
We initially rolled our eyes at this concept, but the results are actually shockingly pretty when executed right. Will a dose of colorful splatterings become a daily beauty look for most? Probably not — but it's a helpful reminder of what makeup is intended to be: experimental, all about creative expression, and not to be taken all that seriously. And it allows those of us not naturally blessed with sprinklings of dots to experience their beauty — even if it's for a fleeting moment.
Click through to see some of our favorite rainbow-freckle moments, and let us know in the comments whether you'll be testing out this colorful trend in the near future.

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