Forever21 Is Still Trying To Make Chain Bras Happen

There are quite a few trends the fashion world would be juuuust fine without: Male rompers, jeans that unzip at your rear end, and last year's Coachella accessory du jour: the chain bra.
Essentially the embodiment of dreaded "festival fashion," the bejeweled accessory is a jewelry-lingerie hybrid that looks exactly how it sounds: It's a set of chains, shaped like a bra, meant to be worn over some over a tank top, a bodysuit, or any other so summer piece. Plus, it doesn't really serve any purpose: It doesn't hold your breasts in place, and, truthfully, it seems wildly cold and uncomfortable.
The thing is, a year after we first spotted the trend on Bella Hadid, chain bras are still all over Forever 21's website. Clearly, if the retailer is selling them, someone is buying them (and it's no surprise, given the influence the Hadid sisters have in fashion). And while we get that it might feel sexy to wear — we're all about dressing in whatever makes you feel good, don't get us wrong — or maybe it's being seen as 2017's version of the early-aughts' statement necklace, but, to be totally honest, we're still a little...confused.
So, are you Team Chain Bra, or Team No Way Jose? Click on to see the options Forever 21 is currently offering up, and let us know in the comments below. In the meantime, you'll find us hanging out in the retailer's shoe section, where things feel a little more wearable.