Bella Hadid May or May Not Have Gotten A Perm

Fashion week month is officially over, meaning life for a model — including the impeding casting calls, go-sees, and editorial shoots — can resume. Some might even get a little downtime before their next gig. But, if you’re Bella Hadid, you’re never not working. And judging from her latest Instagram, it's safe to assume the model is back to the grind. The only thing that's extraordinary in the photo? Her hair.

still goin🖤

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Just like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid is known for her sleek, dark hair. And while the color is still dark, it is anything but straight. In her post on Monday morning, the model appeared to be posing in front of a mirror with a curly wig (or a seriously good perm). The ringlets were so bouncy and tight, we could have been convinced that she was auditioning for the brunette version of Sandy in Grease. (She's not.) And she’s not the only model feeling the Sandra Dee vibes this year — Karlie Kloss was also seen in Australia working on a photoshoot donning similar ringlets. It wasn’t even that long ago that older sister Gigi actually was the character for Halloween.
But as most celebrity hair changes go, it could very likely be a wig. Although later that night, the model was seen out and about in New York rocking similar — albeit looser — set of curls that could have very realistically been her own.
So are perm curls back in action? The style might be making a comeback, considering last year the ‘80s mainstay resurfaced on stars like Julianne Hough. Jury is still out on whether or not Hadid is giving us a total hair fake out, but either way, we dig it.
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