The One Thing You Missed During Ariana Grande's One Love Manchester Performance

Photo: Getty Images/Dave Hogan/One Love Manchester.
Update: On Sunday evening, Ariana Grande and a group of fellow musicians held the One Love Manchester concert to raise money for the victims of the horrific terrorist attack that took place a few weeks ago. Whether you watched it in person or on a live stream, or simply caught up on the performances yesterday morning, the general consensus was that it was a heartfelt tribute and ultimate triumph. And while it's true that there are far more important things to worry about than how Grande looked that night, in the spirit of celebrating the good in the world, we'd like to call it out.
More specifically, how the singer's signature look was just how it's always been. Grande's trademark high ponytail, cat-eye, and unexpected hair accessories remained untouched, almost as if to make a point, despite it being vastly common for people to change their looks after a traumatic experience.

?♡ ?

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The truth is, Grande could've faded away from the limelight, laid low for months, and done away with her distinctive look to somehow mask her celebrity. But she didn't. Instead, that night she decided to borrow the "keep calm and carry on" phrase the Brits created, walking on stage with her go-to glam and the comfort that comes with it.
It's a triumphant moment, for sure. Because while fear is understandable and anger is to be expected, the only thing more powerful is one's ability to keep on going — and that's a fact we simply can't overlook.
This story was originally published on February 2, 2017.
Ariana Grande has the most famous ponytail in the world right now. It’s a thing of wonder (as in, how does she get it so bouncy?) and serves as one of the few constants in an unpredictable world. Plus, it’s low-key breaking news every time she switches it up, especially when it’s as big a change as her most recent hair endeavor.

? #EverydayLyricVideo on @Vevo now ♡ I love you enjoy

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Yesterday, Grande debuted long, pin-straight hair and straight-across bangs on Instagram, and we barely recognized the singer. To be fair, revealing this kind of waist-length extensions would be a noteworthy change for most people. And don't get us wrong, it's not that we don't love the new hairstyle. We just so rarely see the switch-up come from someone whose identity is basically tied to their go-to hairstyle. Every time she strays from her voluminous trademark pony, we feel like the earth has spun off its axis.
Fortunately, all signs point to the new ‘do being a temporary sitch for the singer’s upcoming “Everyday” music video. It’s comforting to know that normalcy will be restored in the very near future.

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