Drake Bought J.Lo A $100,000 Diamond Necklace — But I’m Still Not Convinced

The jury is still out on whether or not Drake and Jennifer Lopez are really a couple. (I, personally, have plenty of thoughts, but I'll get to that in a minute.) But the latest piece of evidence that this love may be, um, real (cue Ja Rule) is that Drake purchased J.Lo a major gift to help her ring in 2017: a $100,000 diamond necklace. People confirms that Drake is the one who purchased the Victorian-style strand from Tiffany & Co that the singer showed off on Instagram New Year's Eve. Yes, that would be the same night that Lopez attended Drake's NYE show at the Hakkasan night club in Las Vegas.
So what does this mean, exactly? Let's examine the facts here. Before I begin, in fairness to you, reader, I must be open about my personal conflict on this matter. You see, Jennifer Lopez has been my Puerto Rican Queen since On the 6. (In fact, a DVD of her Dance Again tour special currently keeps me company at my desk, a fact that my coworkers have teased me about endlessly.) And I don't have a single doubt in my mind that Champagne Papi is going to be my future baby daddy. (I may or may not have seen him live three times in a row when he came to New York last fall, but that's neither here nor there.) So on the surface, it seems I should be all for this couple, right? Two of my favorite artists, both very attractive, both super successful, coming together for a blissful union is every celebrity stan's dream, right? Wrong. The more I think about them together, the more it feels like it just doesn't...work. And I think that may be because with every detail that comes out about the relationship, it feels more and more like we, the public, are being played. First there was the infamous photo of my boo cuddling a tightly swaddled Jenny from the Block while looking at the camera with what feels like a wink.

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And then, of course, there was the fact that when both parties posted the above photo, Drake's ex Rihanna (who was previously friendly with Lopez) quickly unfollowed her. And then there were the "leaked" videos of DraLo as a high school prom king and queen, which was either a grand romantic gesture from Drake or the set of an upcoming music video. Even as an admittedly delusional fan of both stars (I will publicly deny the fact that Drake is corny or that J.Lo perhaps isn't the best live vocalist; you call it delusion, I call it dedication), I have to admit that this all seems pretty darn convenient. After all, Mr. Graham is about to kick off a European tour and has an album in the works, and Lopez has a few TV projects coming our way in the coming months — plus a Vegas residency and a collaboration with Giuseppe Zanotti (for which I'm already planning to sell my firstborn). Not to mention it's hard to imagine these two as an actual couple. Clearly I don't know either one personally, but come on. Can y'all imagine what a conversation between Jennifer Lopez and Drake would be like? And is Aubrey really prepared to be stepfather to two elementary school-age twins? Could he and Marc Anthony realistically hang out peacefully at Thanksgiving? There's also a sizable 17-year age difference. But hey, age ain't nothing but a number. And true love can grow in the craziest of places...right?! While it may sound like a dream for a person's favorite two celebrities to date one another, get married, and make lots of babies, it might not actually turn out so happily ever after for the obsessive fan. But because I am an obsessive fan, if this is indeed just a publicity ploy, I'm willing to forgive both parties. After all, celebrities have done much worse for a little extra buzz. But J.Lo, I'm still holding on to hope that you'll get back together with your baby daddy. And Drizzy: Just hold on, we're going home. P.S.: When Jenny's done with those diamonds, I'm totally cool with a hand-me-down.

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