Why Did Rihanna Unfollow Jennifer Lopez On Instagram?

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty
The wonderful human beings who have the eyes to notice even the smallest shifts of energy in the social media sphere just broke some interesting news. Rihanna unfollowed Jennifer Lopez on Instagram. The timing of this snub is prompting many to ask: Does this have anything to do with Drake? If all of the reports are true — that Rihanna and Drake are an on-again, off-again couple and, most recently, that he and J. Lo are a thing — it’s a classic tale. Everything was cool as far as Rihanna was concerned, until J. Lo got with her man — and now she’s putting some distance between them. But there are so many other possible reasons why Rihanna’s Following count dropped by one. Rihanna, or someone with access to Bad Gal RiRi’s Instagram account, could have made a harmless mistake and accidentally unfollowed the actress/singer. Sure, Instagram requires confirmation before an unfollow, but it could have just been a double slip of the finger. Maybe there’s a storm brewing between the two pop icons that has nothing to do with a dude at all. Maybe Rihanna just doesn’t know her. She wouldn’t be the first there. No matter the reason, all we can do now is wait to see if J. Lo will return the favor.

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