Marc Anthony & His Wife Are Separating After He Kissed J.Lo & I Am FREAKING Out

Photo: Courtesy of Kevin Winter/Getty Images.
Y'all. Y'all. Y'ALL! E! News is reporting that Marc Anthony and his wife, Shannon De Lima, just announced their separation. THE DAY AFTER HE KISSED JENNIFER LOPEZ IN FRONT OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE. This could be evidence that a possible Marc and J.Lo reconciliation is actually happening. (!!!!) While the rest of my colleagues looked on with bewilderment and slight fear at my gasps at the news, I almost fell out of my rolling chair in my rush to call my parents. (Long distance, by the way, because they are currently vacationing in Mexico.) My mom screamed so loud I had to move the phone a few inches from my ear. I could envision her perfectly manicured hand flying to her face. Why is this such a big deal, you ask? Well, to Puerto Ricans, Jennifer Lopez is the queen and Marc Anthony is the king. When they got married, it was literally like the world fell perfectly into place: The king and queen together under one roof, ruling the world together with two heirs (twins, at that). So when they divorced, it was a sad, sad day. Like, remember how the majority of America felt when Brad and Angelina announced their divorce? That was how Latinos felt when J.Lo and Marc split. (And I have no problems generalizing on behalf of all Latinos here, because I am willing to bet my life that 99.9% of mi gente feel the same way I do.) So even if you don't get it, you can imagine how the kiss seen 'round the world last night was kind of like seeing royalty reunited again after many, many years apart. But then, we all remembered that Marc was happily married and speculated that maybe it was just a friendly smooch between exes — especially when he tried to distract us today with an Instagram "campaign" called El Beso Effect, where he kissed six random people on his plane ride back home:

Good morning, mi gente! Share your beso. #elbesoeffect #magnusstrong #whatsurbeso ?

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This was clearly a (poorly thought-out) ploy to distract us from the obvious electric chemistry between he and his ex last night. I mean, it was steamy, palpable, perfect. A separation announcement less than 24 hours later cannot be a coincidence. RIGHT?! Okay, I'm leaving now. If you need me, I'll be listening to "No Me Ames" on repeat. Oh, and if you haven't already seen the kiss with your very own eyes (What have you been doing with your life?!), you can watch the full smooch, performance, and acceptance speech, below.

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