Drake & Jennifer Lopez Are Prom King & Queen Of Hollywood High

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Remember when Drake and Rihanna did a music video together for a little song called "Work"? There was some grinding, some sexual tension, and some serious dating rumors. Ring any bells? Well, our boy is at it again, and this time with Jennifer Lopez. By now, we are all well aware of the dating rumors swirling around two of the biggest names in music (those fireside cuddling pictures were a real treat), but with the release of new videos, this is smelling more and more like a Taylor Swift PR-stunt than a hip-hop rendezvous for the ages. Drake's got game, but he's also got a stellar career and he often tries to work both at the same time. So, about those videos: two fan accounts for Lopez uploaded dozens of videos, all featuring a very chummy DraLo. The two are at a Winter Wonderland Prom in Hollywood, the details of which are unknown. It doesn't appear that any other celebrities were in attendance of this Hollywood prom. But, it does appear that the two singers were the center of the event, as if it's all for a *cough* music video. It's all speculation at this point, but 2017 would be off to a great start if we were gifted a little Drake and J.Lo collab. Let's take a closer look at these romantic, purple-hued clips to see if this relationship is fact or fiction. Here they are being crowned Prom King and Queen of Hollywood High (look how surprised they are... not):

King & Queen ? @jlo #JenniferLopez #Drake #JLovers #DraLo ©@slayitlikejlo

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Here they are dancing (this is totally choreographed):

LOOK AT THEM ??❤ @jlo #music #dance #beautiful #goals #jenniferlopez #jlovegas #allihave #jlo #Drake

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Here they are kissing (it's closed-mouth and looks pretty platonic):

They just kissed y'all, I don't even know what to say. I'm so shook #JenniferLopez #JLo #JLovers @jlo

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Here they are in the cheesy prom photo booth (they are the only ones in every frame, as if everyone else is just watching them):

Jen & Drake ❤ #JenniferLopez #Drake #JLovers #DraLo @jlo

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Here they are dancing (again, who are the people in the background?):

Looks like they both are having fun @jlo #JenniferLopez #Drake #JLovers #DraLo

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Here they are literally singing an unreleased song together, which features vocals from both of them (I mean!):

❤? @jlo #JenniferLopez #Drake #JLovers #DraLo

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Drake's rep had "no comment for now" when asked if the two are collaborating on a song. Lopez's rep did not respond to a request for comment at the time of publication.

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