Boho Skirts Are Officially Rising From The Ashes

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In the fashion world, the term "boho" has about as much stigma attached to it as the monosyllabic word "Crocs." But unlike the latter, boho skirts — the kind Sienna Miller wore in 2005 — are (in all seriousness) back. We know, we know: If you went through some type of Bohemian phase, you've likely since buried your Sun-In highlights and disc-belts with the other skeletons in your closet. The Guardian even published an article blaming Miller for legions of floppy-hemmed teens in ballet shoes and cropped cardigans, waxing lyrical about how much they wished the skirt would. just. go. away. Yet there's no denying that Miller's look — like Penny Lane's in Almost Famous and Marissa Cooper from The OC's (a.k.a. the Camisole Queen) — was legendary. There were heavy accents of Kate Moss, and subtle hints of Meryl Streep's accessorizing habits (more beads and bangles, please). And if you squinted, aspects of Captain Hook's aesthetic seeped in, too. Although we're quite certain parts of Los Angeles never completely abandoned the style (and we have reason to believe Vanessa Hudgens was actually born in a boho skirt), like most trends, the mainstream return of the flow-y skirt was inevitable.
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For fall/winter 2016, cult denim brand Marques Almeida showed maxi-skirts asymmetrically cut in both oxblood leather and indigo denim, worn under puffer jackets and giant Vetements-style hoodies. Up-and-comer Molly Goddard presented a ghostly and theatrical show of Jacobean tulle dresses and skirts. Ice-y, tutu-style maxi-skirts with signature boho tiers came in smokey grays and mustard yellows, and even Rihanna wore an acid-green version from the designer about town. Chloé followed suit, showing pink tutu maxi-dresses that poked out from underneath trainspotter-style ribbed jumpers in dull blues and grays. Zeitgeisty tracksuit designer Caitlin Price's tongue-in-cheek look at the bridal dress was a white silk maxi-skirt, split to the hip, with a coordinating white puffer jacket for the ultimate sport-luxe take on the full-length skirt. And we all know what that means: three's a trend — yes, a trend — and four's a full-on thing. So is it time park your denim mini and embrace the power of the twirl? According to Rihanna's look of late, the answer is a resounding yes. Our only suggestion: Leave that big-ass leather belt in the attic (where it belongs), and style yours with sneakers and a hoodie for a fresh 2016 feel. Deal?

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