11 Swimsuit Trends That Look Good On EVERYONE

Few things feel better than the first glorious day when it's finally warm enough to wear open-toed shoes and leave your socks in the drawer: the first day you can wear a dress sans tights, maybe, or the day when you don't have to stop by your hall closet to grab a jacket before leaving the house. But all of those pale in comparison to the first swimsuit day of the year, when you — along with your bare legs, arms, belly, chest, and/or back (or any combination of those) — can head to the nearest body of water and nothing. Springtime is basically one long, happy build-up to that first pool or beach weekend. Once it arrives, nothing keeps our endorphins firing on all cylinders like trotting out a new swimsuit for the first time. And no matter what your water-adjacent M.O. is (chilling, vibing, sporting, flirting, or even hiding from UV rays), there's an on-trend swimsuit style that's begging to be your plus one. Scroll through to see the 11 looks we're loving right now.

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Creative Cutouts
Usually, a "cutout one-piece" inspires fear in anyone who actually likes wearing a one-piece, because monokinis tend to look like a bikini held together with random strings (that only seem to be there for the purpose of pinching and puckering). These cutouts follow the natural curve of a woman's body and are on the more subtle side. Bonus: These suits won't shift when you're splashing around, so you don't have to hold onto your bottom when you finally execute that cannonball you've been plotting.
Mix & Match
What's better than one new swimsuit? TWO new swimsuits. Actually — make that four. By buying two new sets in complementary patterns and colors, you'll end up with four combinations in total. Consider that your excuse to up your beach trips by cuatro.
Lessons In Lingerie
No longer content to just stay in the bedroom, lingerie details are making their way out in public. Sheer panels, pretty Swiss dots, lace edging, and sweet scalloping are now bona fide swimwear trends. Just make sure that the materials aren't as delicate as lingerie; you don't want your suit melting as soon as it hits the water.
Really, Really Deep Backs
The deeper, the better. Seriously — if you're nervous about exposed crack, you've gone just far enough. The lower-back cleavage might not be a trend for everyone, but it's a sexy display that red-carpet stars have begun using as their secret weapons. You can give it a try with the safety net of waist-deep water.
Baywatch Cuts
If you never really got why your older brother's friends were all super into these high-cut, '80s-style, C.J. Parker-approved swimsuits, prepare to get it now. There's something so wrong about this Speedo cut, which makes it feel so right. Look for them in awning stripes, neon hues, and subtle metallic sheens.
Photographed by Aaron Feaver.
Model's own swimsuit.
Disco Crochet
If you take the wild child out of Berkeley and put her in Studio 54, you'd get something that vibes with the crochet-esque swimsuits popping up on racks. From Technicolor rickrack to '70s knit chevrons, these crocheted pieces are more disco fiend than flower child.
Uniquely Utilitarian
This kind of functional, super-simple, no-frills clothing has been trending for a few seasons now, coming in muted colors, oversized shapes, and — sometimes — exorbitant prices. Its swimwear incarnation is simple, but beautifully so. Look for small details like zippers, buttons, or ribbing.
Prairie-Girl Sleeves
For a trend that's usually all about the length and volume, the prairie-girl look actually works well for swim. "There's something super-darling about being able to tap into that awkward six year old with arm floaties in the pool," says model Kota Eberhardt. "Except this time, it's not a fashion nightmare but rather you channeling a siren that's sporting some seriously sweet arm puffs. Go sink some ships baby." To hit the nail on the head, look for tiny puff sleeves that give you a milk-maid vibe without having to actually wrassle any dairy cows.
One Shoulder
If you're a minimalist when it comes to swimsuits, the one-shouldered style is a bold trend that won't make you feel weird, but will still make a big impact.
Halter Necks
If you were doing the halter-neck all last summer, this year, try the swimsuit version. We like a halter neck in a two-piece or one, but the trick is to get it in a bold color — a busy pattern can sometimes look too juvenile.
Full Coverage
For ladies like Gary Pepper Girl who'd rather avoid the sun than bask in it, long sleeves on a bathing suit can be a lifesaver. Model Nadia Aboulhosn noted that this option resembled a bodysuit, making it a fashion-forward but practical option for beach goers. A high-quality bodysuit with SPF technology will wick away sweat and keep you cool. It'll also protect you against sunburns. Plus, it looks like you're about to start dancing in a music video — which is always a bonus for us. Plus, Aboulhosn says she "felt confident before putting [it, as well as the other suits] on. What you wear doesn't determine how you feel about yourself. It's what you feel before you put them on that matters." It's your body. It's your summer. Enjoy them both. Check out more #TakeBackTheBeach here.

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